Dented pickup

it is not easy to write about broken family. though wife or my self are not dead as on earth. but i consider her as being dead. as her and her family desire to see me dead so they could abuse the wealth i have accumulated. as they have been doing since 1986 as much as they all could. i feel my wife and her mother will dance in red suits of celebration if they learn i stopped breathing . i have 4 children 2 daughters and 2 sons but i trust my youngest who will miss me and cry from his heart he has his own large corporation. my youngest daughter is a lawyer has no relationship she only loves money and will not miss me in any way will be happy to get $4million her share my eldest son continue his education he is simple honest he will cry for me. but will miss me when my in law will try to rob him of his share and they will my second eldest daughter manages wealth for every one but has never been able to earn and save a penny. their mother has never worked has been a spender all her life and giving to her family . she has many boy friends and has her life like her mother had. i have worked long hours all my life. started with nothing have given charge power of attorney to all my kids to do as they wish with $ 16 million realestate $300,000/yr rental income. as i have no use. i am looking to start new life in new place with some one i can share my heart and enjoy working. i feel i have done enough for this family. now i am a prisoner in my own house. i hate being here every moment.

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