About Us - Why we provide Free matrimony service?

Marriages are said to happen in heaven in the past, but now in this current technological world, this saying has to be rewritten as : Marriages are made on the internet!

Well, yes this is the ironical world we are in today where the old mainframe computers have shrunk into our palm in the form of smart phones and tablets, that too more powerful than ever. The future of this technology direction is even greater and unthinkable. In the past decade or so, we have seen men and women being matched from one corner of the world to another with the power of internet. The horizon of marriages were redrawn rapidly and we have seen total strangers meeting with each other and finally end up in a wedding lock. This was an amazing change of culture in our Indian families. This match making was not possible before the internet era except for some love marriages which happened through conventional pen pal friendships.

While we are certainly here to embrace the match making through internet, we have to also take notice that, of late this method is being exploited by some profit oriented organizations to make the most bucks out of the brides and grooms who would like to get married through an internet based match making process. If we look at the pricing model of any famous matrimony websites today, we can quickly realize that the model is structured in such a way to squeeze the maximum profit possible before anyone can find their best match. In early 2000, we were allowed to call unlimited phone numbers and send unlimited emails till we find our best match, however now the flexible model rarely can be seen even in a new matrimony startup. The present models rather limit the number of calls or emails that you can send for the price you pay. Which means if you need to broaden your search you need to pay more! We are afraid of the kind of social problems that this will lead us to, because in order to save the money, there can be cases where the prospective bride or groom will rush to finalize their partners instead of doing a thorough search to find them. Such compromises will lead to greater post marriage problems all stemming from this profit oriented business models!

This rang us an alarm that, organizations are out there to fish out from this cult of finding the matches over internet. What’s more, in the present day where all prices are sky rocketing for some valid economic reasons, these organizations are interested to cash in on this inflation spree without any good reasons. While we do not condemn such business practices, we also would like to be fair to the general public to pay only the right price to find their dream partners and not left out helpless to be squeezed out by these unscruplous organizations.

Hence what we would like to prove through this website is, it will not cost much to find your dream partner through the internet because there is no need for huge capital to keep the matrimony websites up and running. Therefore, we have launched this website with the minimum capital possible, to prove this theory and decided to allow all members to contact each others free for life through email or phone! This is to simply prove that it is your right to find your dream partner for a successful married life without paying a penny to anyone in this world! This is aka Wikipedia which has determined to feed the world with all knowledge possible absolutely for free. Therefore we are giving a life long assurance here that we will not be changing our business model to a paid one at any time in the future. This is not going to be a sales or marketing gimmick to draw visitors to our site, it is rather a permanent guarantee as long as we own this website. This is why we have even named our site as the FreeIndianMatrimony.com to put this non-profit objective engraved on the domain name itself! We hope to fund our operations through donations and other small advertisements.

Like all other non-profit sites like Wikipedia and so on, we can only launch sites with a noble objective and it depends on the general public to respect the idea and objectives to make it a grand success. We will be greatly appreciated if you can give your unwavering support to this site to make our wishes come true. If this site becomes popular, our future generation will be able to marry their best choice of partner instead of rushing for their marriage. Hence if you like our motto, please do recommend it to all your friends. We certainly need your blessings to keep this site free for life as we wanted it to be.

Best Wishes,
CEO Of FreeIndianMatrimony.com


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