• Indian wedding ceremonies are initiated with the matching of Kundalis or Horoscope matching. There are various gurus or priests who help the family with this process. The horoscope of the bride and groom are tallied to foresee their future happeni

  • Grandeur of Indian weddings and its relevant events

    Indian weddings are grand affairs, considered to be no less than festival. The elaborate rituals and customs are meticulously carried out by the wedding families. The fla

  • Marriage is a very important part of each and everyone’s life. It certainly marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of a new phase with new hope, desires and responsibilities. The

  • Your parents have decided on a suitable match for you and both of you decide to go out on date do that you can find out whether both of you are compatible or not.

    However the most important question is

  • Veil as a fashion accessory

    Who can forget those stunning beauties in veils in the movie “Titanic”? Despite all attempt to cover beautiful eyes and rosy lips, women adorned in a veil have always been known to s

  • In Hindu marriage fire has a very relevant place. The bride and the groom circle seven times around the circle. People say that the marriage is not witnessed by the mortal men but the marriage takes place with the fire as its witness. People who a

  • A variation of options is accessible

    A lot several wedding venues in Delhi NCR are present today. These venues are not only reasonable but also quite

  • The Jains, their weddings and simple celebrations

    There are various different cultures and customs in Gujarat. There are several occasions and festivals. Weddings are celebrated in different fashion and styles since each c

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