I always hated people who kill themselves instead of facing their lives through those miseries.It’s not that i support their decision now.
It’s just that, I myself felt it would have been better if i never existed.If i am no more breathing, may be i wouldn’t feel this pain. I don’t wanna go through all this emotional trauma…These days,every now then i wish to die and end the pain.But it needs lot of courage to kill ones self.Especially for a person like me- who didn’t make an effort to learn cycling because i was scared being wounded, who is delicate to even look at bleeding cuts,who can’t even bear mild heat.
But life changes us so much!Puts us in worst situations possible to make us strong…
Today really hot milk fell on my right hand and it still couldn’t hurt me as much as his absence in my life did… Yes, I was in love with this guy who is from so called friend of friend of a friend zone. He introduced himself to me through SNS,later we met each other one day which became the last time.The day i met him, he made me feel special.The way he was made me think “He is My Man” for this life.

Sara M

Seems funny but way too Serious kind of girl. A fresh bee to the tech world. Curious about this puzzled life, and nope i am not looking forward to solve it too fast!!!! Life's not so fun without "?????????" She has her own way of putting thoughts. An explorer of how different the life is with every human being- so she tries to go around and gets along. Never been a Blogger... Wanted this short Biography look as dumb as it could :P To follow me on other SNS soon, follow me here first.

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