Marriages are made in heaven, is what they often say. Marriage is an institution which is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. This day is very special for both the bride and the groom. Each person wants to do everything on the day of marriage in a very special and exquisite way so that it makes the day a memorable one. Be it clothes, or accessories, or the make up everything is to be taken care of and for this people are ready to spend as much as it is possible for them, to make it a grand celebration. Most of the time in such cases, attention is given to the bride with regard to her clothes, her accessories and different aspects of her looks. But in today’s times, the groom receives equal and sometimes even more attention than the bride. This is in regard to not only the clothing, but also accessories. Yes, the groom is also decorated with good accessories that enhances his looks and gives him the best look for the most important day of his life. Along with various brands for men’s clothing for marriages, including sherwanis, dhotis, and punjabis, there brands for the groom’s accessories too.

The accessories include heavy jewelry to suit to the mood of the marriage and make the groom look as gorgeous as possible. These types of accessory brands make the institution of marriage really special for the groom too, as one can see the royal look of the guy as he wears the accessories for the marriage. This also has an important significance in the groom’s life, that of his transformation from a boy to a man. This happens with the change of physical stature enhanced by clothing and accessories that brings about the mental changes related with the institution of marriage.

Now, to start with the description of the kind of accessories that can be worn by the groom, we can certainly write down a long list just like we could have written it for the bride. Starting from the top, the groom’s head is supposed to be covered with special clothing and this is embroidered along with a piece of jewelry to make it look more attractive. This mainly requires jewels in the decoration of it to make it look full of glamour. This gives a different look to the groom and makes him look a lot different from the rest of the time. Especially the jewelry associated with the piece of embroidered cloth on the head adds a royal look for the groom and marks the beginning of a new phase of his life, signifying his transformation from a boy to a man. This kind of an accessory to make the look of the groom more admirable is available with all the leading brands that endorse accessories for men. It is found in different prices, with differently studded jewels, and different colored ones, depending on the brand one chooses to make his choice with.

Coming to a very important part, are the finger rings which have been made popular by the function of engagement that occurs sometime before marriage, considered to be an important part of it. Engagement is a ceremony, where the bride and the groom exchange finger rings and this signify that they are going to start a new chapter of their life soon with marriage. The significance of this ceremony is the exchange of the finger rings, which makes this accessory extremely important for both the bride and the groom. Usually diamond or platinum is preferred for gifting the lady whereas the same could go for the groom or something different. It is important to specify the size of the finger ring while placing an order. One can avail to different designs of finger rings for the groom- be it in diamond of platinum or gold. One thing is for sure, that designs are available in all the different types along with variations that will make it look very attractive. One more factor that is quite significant while choosing the ring is its price. It is a sort of a bandwagon effect where everyone is trying to buy the most expensive accessory for their son or daughter, just for the purpose of show off. It also serves as an asset.


Apart from these, the groom can also decorate himself in some attractive jewelry designed for his neck. It could be in the form of a chain. This serves as the most attractive part of the entire decoration, a piece of jewelry around the neck, making it sparkle along the glow of the groom. The chains around the neck can be made of jewels or they can be made of pearls giving the typical royal look.

One cannot forget to sport traditional shoes meant especially for the wedding and they come with different designs of embroidery that makes it look great, and almost completes the look of the groom. There can be something to sport like a bangle around the wrist that is of a similar design like that of the bangle. The bangle is also like a chain around the wrist twisted and turned with beads and stones to complement with the piece around the neck. This can be of different styles. The traditional styled bangles or the modern styled, even the color of the bangle varies according to the style one picks from the different types that are available in the market. This completes the entire look of the groom sporting, the accessory meant for the head, the ring, the chain around the neck and the one around the hand. This gives the groom the desired look for the marriage making him look not only attractive and gorgeous for the occasion but also giving him a panache style that is unmatchable such that it remains imprinted in his and others minds on the minds of the people who attend the marriage. This makes the groom sport looks that in no way is lesser than the bride.

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