2017 had a beautiful start with the release of an exceptionally brilliant film like Baahubali. S.S Rajamouli’s magnum opus is a wonder, no one could believe. On the other hand, Padmaavat had hit the screens on 25th January 2018 after a long fight with the protesting groups. Both the films earned a special place in the hearts of the film fraternity. However, the question arises – Is it fair enough to compare Baahubali and Padmaavat? Are these films even comparable in the first place?

Why not?

Comparing Baahubali and Padmaavat

Be it the mighty Amarendra Baahubali, the courageous queen Devasena or the magnificent sets, Baahubali had it all. The visual thinking of the director earned praises from the audience. Baahubali is a revenge saga between two brothers who fought against each other for the kingdom. One of them wants to serve the people, while the other is too greedy to think selfless. Then comes the beautiful Queen who manages to win the love of both the brothers, further deepening the rift.

Padmaavat is the story of a Queen named Padmavati from Chittor, India. The story is based on the poem ‘Padmavat’ written in 1540 by Sufi poet, Malik Muhammad Jayasi. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magical creation had the best performances of Bollywood. Padmaavat revolves around Alauddin Khilji and his obsession with Rani Padmavati. Her sacrifice in the form of ‘Jauhar’ is a brave step towards saving a woman’s self-respect.

Technical aspects of Baahubali and Padmaavat

Both the films have some of the best battle sequences of Indian cinema. The final show-off between Baahubali and Bhallaladeva amounts to approximately 30 crores. The sequence mainly depended on VFX and CFI modifications. Padmaavat has a dramatic climax sequence too! The battle between Alauddin Khilji and Ratan Singh amounted to approximately 15 crores. However, performances of the main leads drew more attention than the technical aspects in this case. The ‘Jurassic Park’ team employed to take care of the VFX shots in Baahubali finale had to spend 80 crores to get the work done, while SLB’s Padmaavat did not involve that huge budget for the climax. The VFX shots were less compared to the 4000-5000 shots in Baahubali Climax.


Both the films have impressive casting.

Prabhas plays the title role in Baahubali, while Tammanah and Anushka Shetty play his leading ladies. Rana Daggubati plays the evil Bhallaladeva and Ramya Krishna played Shivagami Devi. Satyaraj and Nazzar were seen in prominent roles.

In Padmaavat, Deepika Padukone plays the brave Queen, Padmavati. Shahid Kapoor plays Raja Ratan Singh, her husband. Ranveer Singh fits into the role of Sultan Alauddin Khilji. Jim Sarbh and Aditi Rao are also part of the cast.

Performance wise, it won’t be wrong to say that Padmaavat has the upper hand. Undoubtedly, Baahubali has its share of best performers. But, it was appreciated more for the sets, visual effects, and direction. Padmaavat involved more emotional drama, realistic performances, and difficult dialogue deliveries. The beastly expressions of Ranveer and consistent pride on Deepika’s face won the game. Shahid did a good job of maintaining a royal demeanor and served his best on the plate. Both films combined, Ranveer owns the limelight!

Payments and Budget

Baahubali involved a budget of 450 crores (both parts)! Major investment went into the set development, VFX, and post-production. The cast took hefty paychecks after the success. Prabhas remains the highest paid actor with 25 crores in his pocket. Rana Daggubati earned 15 crores making him the highest paid Villain in Indian Cinema. Anushka Shetty deserves her 5 crores.

Padmaavat involved a lesser budget in comparison. The initial budget was 160 crores, which was later made 200 because of the losses the film had to endure. Deepika Padukone charged 12 crores for the role which is more than her co-actors’ pay. According to reports, Shahid charged 6 crores and Ranveer, a whopping 8 crores. Since the leading lady had to hold the burden of the film on her shoulders, the pay is justified.


The characters wore appropriate costumes and jewelry to maintain the authenticity of the film. The production team did not hesitate to spend bucks on these accessories. Padmaavat ran in a Rajasthani setup in Chittor. The queens there wore long clothing with heavy jewelry. Deepika wore the same. Khilji wore dark and intimidating clothes to portray his character. The clothes and crown complimented Ranveer’s long hair and beard. Shahid took the bars of royalty to the sky with his clothing and headwear. Thanks to the designers – Rimple and Harpreet Narula. They took extreme care to get the embroidery, printing, and colors of the clothes right. Despite the destruction of their initial designs, they bounced back with the same enthusiasm.

Baahubali was set in the imaginary Mahishmati Kingdom of the south. The clothing involved plain silk sarees with long ‘Pallus’. The leads wore Jaipur jewelry to look the best in the character. Almost 1500 sets of jewelry were bought.

Screening and Collections

In this criteria, Baahubali wins the battle.

Baahubali released in 6000-6500 theaters in India and almost 9000 theaters worldwide. The film received positive reviews from the audience and critics alike. Padmaavat released in over 3500 theaters. It had a slow pick-up compared to Baahubali. However, the controversies surrounding the film drew the crowd to the theaters. The leading actors – Ranveer and Deepika were also the plus points to the film’s collections.

Baahubali collected a shocking 1700 crores (Approximately) world-wide! There is no turning back for the cast and the direction team. Padmaavat crossed the 500 crores mark and still counting. It is unlikely that Padmaavat will touch the range set by Baahubali. Yet, the film is seeing its own share of success.

Final Verdict

The two films are entirely different. While one is a fictional drama, the other can be considered a biopic. The characters in Baahubali are absolutely fictional, while Padmaavat characters existed in the past. The directors of both the films are extremely talented and a pride to the Indian Cinema. The actors lived their roles and displayed a great amount of dedication. The comparison is for our understanding. But at the end of the day, both the films are spectacular wonders of the Cinematic world.

Sushma Krishna

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