Every year, the gaming industry brings new games and console for game lovers. This year also the industry has witnessed something new and adventurous.

Let’s have a look at video games of 2017:

1. Injustice 2:

It is the second game in the ‘injustice’ series and has many features that resemble that of its predecessor. The game has a system often described as loot-dropping under which players are awarded equipment, costumes, and much more. The game has some awesome characters such as Batman and Superman. In fact, it revolves around them only, with Batman trying to restore the empire of Superman. But is stopped by the rebellious team of villains who pushes Batman to combat with them.

The Best Part of The Game: It has characters that are heroic in themselves, such as Batman and Superman.

2. Resident Evil 7: BioHazard:

Resident Evil. Image courtesy YouTube

This is a first-person survival/horror game. The game has been architectured using the latest virtual reality technology. Playing the Resident Evil 7: In BioHazard, video game players are required to explore a house that is massive and terrifying. The game can be extremely dawdling when played in a dark room.

Visit the website https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/resident-evil-7-biohazard-review/1900-6416603/ to know more about Resident Evil 7: BioHazard.

3. Prey:

Prey Image courtesy Business Insider

In 2017, we saw the advent of a verity of games. Prey is one example that explains the trend previously. The video game Prey has horror elements that make the story of the game interesting. Besides the horror elements, the game fills with suspense, action, and some drama.

A Right Console Can Enhance Video Game Experience

So, these are some top 3 games that are trending in 2017. But, to play the best game you need the right console as well. Depending on the choice of the game that you decide to play you can buy any console that is compatible. In case you are planning to replace the console, consider buying the trending console of 2017.

Game consoles, although are expensive, they are one must-have tool when it comes to playing video games. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best of the best at rates that complement the quality a list has been compiled after conducting a rigorous research.

Here is a list of top consoles that dominated 2017:

1. Nintendo 2DS XL:

3DS are in the trend so why not to spend money on reasonable devices like this one and experiences all the DS games. Priced at around $149, the console allows its users to stream or play any dimension video game. It is advisable to read a review of anything before buying.

Click here to read the review of New Nintendo 2DS XL. You can also check out official website of the console here, https://www.nintendo.com/2ds/new-nintendo-2ds/

2. Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo switch Image courtesy Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has become the talk of the town with many game developers partnering to make their products available at Switch. This is one console for Nintendo that is somewhat unusual. The console can be connected to a wider screen such as TV or any other device.

Read out the technical specification of the console here, https://www.nintendo.com/switch/features/tech-specs/. The game is priced at $299.

3. Sony PS4 Slim:

Sony PS4

If you have played on PS4, you will probably have an idea of PS4 Slim. The console is just a smaller and smarter version of the Sony PS4 console.

4. Nvidia Shield:

Shield – Image courtesy Amazon

Nvidia Shield is somewhat expensive when compared to its functionality. The console is just like any other media streamer. The console is priced at $149.99. Although it is just like any other media streamer, it offers exclusive games. The game streaming services are paid, but it has an extended library dedicated to only games.

Check out what techadvisor has to say about Nvidia Shield console https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/review/set-top-boxes-on-demand-tv/nvidia-shield-tv-geforce-now-review-media-streamer-2017-3628313/


Whether you want to gift a video game and console to someone or planning to buy for yourself, it is important to know the products before making any purchase.


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