Catering is the trade of offering food service at a far-flung site or a within a premises such as a hotel, restaurant, or other location.

List of catering halls:

LI Weddings

LIWeddings offers you chance have access to top Long Island Catering Halls and Venues.Your guests get an opportunity to select the best catering venue from the wide selection at their disposal.The success of your ceremony depends with the location. LIWeddings get satisfaction by offering you with a range of catering facilities to pick from.They also have celebrated chefs and event experts.

Long Island has a swarm of catering conveniences devoted to provision of matchless service and aid you in fulfillment of dreams.

Zilli Hospitality Group

It is reputed as a premier caterer that was acknowledged with the exalted Midwest Achievement in Catering Excellence award during the Cater Source Conference and Trade show in Las Vegas. For two years back to back they have been have been featured in the “Best of Weddings” by associates of the trendiest wedding site,  ZHG was also acknowledged for two Catered Arts Through Innovative Experience awards in the classes of “Chef of the Year” and “Most Innovative Mixology,” just to name a few.

The contacts are:

Zilli Hospitality Group

613 North Grandview Blvd.

Waukesha, WI

Montgomery Inn

If you are having a party or a business event, or just having a reunion of your extended family members Montgomery Inn is the place to be. They have the best of meals on this side of the globe.

It started six decades ago when “Ribs King” Ted Gregory and his wife opened a shop in the remote rural community of Montgomery, Ohio.

More than six decades later, Montgomery has changed gradually, but their service remains the as one the most excellent on the planet.

They beautiful personal rooms, and the food are brought to your doorstep and they even offer the services of servers for the absolute royal treatment. Whichever your style, your party will be unsurpassed if you choose the services of Montgomery Inn.

They operate on Saturday Hours: 3pm- 11pm,Monday to Friday: 11am – 10:30pm and on Sunday: from 3pm- 9:30pm.They close doors on all major public holidays.


The Original

Montgomery Inn

9440 Montgomery Rd.

Montgomery, OH 45242

Phone: (513) 791-3482

Tristan Catering and Events

Tristan events have a long history of hosting auspicious occasions and dinners.They have a keen eye to every detail in consideration to service which has allowed Tristan to remain at the peak in cuisine,service and event holding.They offer best rates for high end and informal functions.

Tristan Event’s proffers full service,cuisine, and concentrate in weddings, company, and societal catered events.

Their team is committed to helping you in every aspect of your event needs from the beginning to conclusion . Their main goal is to aid you in the preparation process, organize, and offer service all the way through to the complete success client events. They identify your requirements and gather suggestions from other neighboring vendors to make the function completes.

Tristan Events

7671 Northwoods Blvd Units I & J

North Charleston, SC 29406

(843) 534-2155


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