Marriage is big day for a bride, especially because this is the time, she can show her happiness and heart filled love. Her enlightened heart shows in her jewellery, her beauty, her makeup and of course in her marriage bridal attire. In modern day Hindu marriages, girls do prefer bridal lehengas. The bridal lehengas come in different designs, colours, sizes as well as prices.

The choice for such a beautifully carved garment

  • Bridal lehengas do have a fabulous range of colors which represent a female’s standard of traditional stability and fertility in the mode of festivity. The colors simply dazzle in front of the fire and give out the essence of the bride who is actually happy for her changing life.


  • North Indian marriages strictly prefer lehenga choli. Maharashtra’s brides prefer heavily embroidered lehenga cholis; with designing of enriching patterns and birds and flowers. The Rajasthan as well as Haryanvi brides adorn the brightest color lehengas. Their duppata is the most elegant one as it is the chunri which is used as a veil for the girl.


The definition of lehenga in Indian terms

Lehenga choli reflects the tradition of Indian women. The lehenga and choli covers the whole body and thus, makes the women complete by her traditional outfit. The outfits are itself so beautiful that woman looks elite in every occasion. The modern boutiques and fashion designers has brought up with new designs which are gorgeous and glamorous.

  • The lehenga choli is also known as “ghagra choli”; the duppata is usually of three meters. The georgette portion of the choli makes the whole length of the cloth so adorable. The duppata is embroidered to compliment the choli in bright matching colors.


  • The modern feminine and sultry designs allow the girls to flaunt their hourglass figure in the most elegant patterns. A low plunge line and a lower designer back will definitely feature their curves and make them feel the fact that they are a girl of beauty, body and elegance of mysterious level.


  • An hourglass body can be draped with raw silk choli and lehenga or most precisely crepe cloth. The new designer boutiques has brought up many designs for the bold ones, a good figure with a bold and daring attitude can go best with backless choli with strings to hold on.


  • A low backline along with strips will also add to the beauty and bold. The thin straps or one shoulder sleeves can also help in brewing up the whole boldness in the girls. The girls are bound to emerge as a goddess in their new attires.

Lehengas are designed keeping in mind the different physical status women have

  • The tall and thin women should always avoid long choli whereas short height and plump women should never wear a short and body fitting choli. Women with defined shoulder blades should always opt for ghagra which flaunts their defined shoulders.


  • A deep plunging embroidered neckline will definitely do the job in the most extravagant manner. The girls who have heavier chest should never opt for jeweled necklines and shouldn’t highlight their cholis; on the other hand the lighter chest girls should opt for heavy jeweled choli which highlights their physic.


  • Full lengths Lehenga are best for girls with heavier upper potion and bulky torso, the lesser the work in the choli, the better it will look.  The girls with short heights should prefer U shaped cut of the neck or a square shaped cut so that their height is compromised.


  • Short heighted girls should prefer long sleeves, sleeveless can turn out to be dangerously disgusting for them. Duppata should be wrapped on one shoulder and flown in a long pattern which atleast ends until knee. The long flowing duppata will definitely distract the attention from the short height.


Some of the well known lehenga design

  • There are some of the well reputed boutiques providing the best of bridal lehengas. Some of the bridal lehengas come in various options and designs; some of the well known designs include maroon and olive green brocade paneled resham lehenga.


  • The resham part is woven elegantly; some of these choli is complimented with zari portion or stone settings, sequins or patch border work.


  • The lehenga comes in customized sizes and designs along with options in choli; the options are steadily increasing. The green dupion lehengas comes with silk cloth and heavily designed by zari, stone, sequins and beads.


  • The lehenga is also designed with kundan, mirrors, kori; in boutiques many affluent family people provide orders for special embroidered choli which consists of real gold threads and even precious stones at times.


  • The duppata shouldn’t be heavily embroidered; a long simple colored duppata will be just perfect. The girls who have tires and flab in their waists and upper torsos are best suited in kurti style choli. The choli shouldn’t flaunt too much of traditionalism; a bit of trendy and simple look is safe.


  • Simple and curt printed designs are best to ease the edges out; complicated and high-level designs and embroideries are best avoided. These options are easily available if the bride is planning to get a lehenga designed. The bright shades are best for heavy upper portioned girls.

Choose the right lehenga for your big day

  • The fashion for lehengas is exorbitant and each of the designs can be customized accordingly. A bride should always choose according to her body and complexion. She should always remember her beauty lies in the hidden layers of designs and appropriate choice of lehengas.


  • Bridal lehengas shouldn’t be misappropriated with wrong set of jewelries. It’s the marriage; a big day for a bride to show off her best side of elegance and endeavor. The jewelries which go best with lehengas include the designer neckpieces or long grand necklaces, chokers with designer looks.


  • Earrings of different designs, shapes and sizes are best suited with traditional as well as classy lehengas for bridal wear.

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