The glamorous weddings in India 

A wedding is probably the biggest day or occasion in your life. It is the time when you decide to share your life with another person. In India, especially, weddings are held with a lot of celebrations and grandeur. You are expected to be in your best attire for your wedding. It is after all your special day! It is also obvious for you to be nervous in front of so many people who will come to attend your wedding. Your confidence lies in your body language. The perfect wedding suit will give you the boost and make you feel confident during those few hours.

Wedding day attires for the groom

In earlier days, grooms chose to wear the traditional sherwani or kurta pyajama for the wedding. Some weddings still maintain that trend. However, in most weddings you will find the groom chooses to wear the suit for his wedding day. This could be attributed to the influence of western culture in the Indian subcontinent. More and more people are taking to the western trends. Nevertheless, suits are the most popular wedding attires for the groom. If you are looking for a suit, this might help you. How do you choose the right wedding suit?

Choosing the perfect wedding suit!

First of all, while buying your wedding suit, you must keep in mind your budget. All wedding shopping is best done once you have a clear idea of the budget. Next comes to the material of the fabric. Now this depends on you. Whether you are getting married in the summer or winters, during the day or at night, will hugely decide what kind of a suit you get for your wedding. Also, the color of the suit must be apt for the wedding. It must complement your skin complexion. Once you have a clear idea of all this, you can go ahead and get your suit.

First and foremost, you do not buy a suit from the first shop you visit as soon as your wedding is fixed. The first step towards successful shopping is window shopping. All you need to do is visit different shops and tailor and get yourself acquainted with the different styles of wedding suits available. You must also notice the price of these styles. Once you do this, you will learn about the different styles and designs that are available and the ones that fall in your price range.

Next, you have to deal with the quality of the material for the wedding suit. Polyester suits are pretty common these days owing to their low maintenance. The same goes for the suits made of microfibers. They are easy to take care of. If your wedding is in the summer season, it is best you wear something light that makes you comfortable in the heat. In India, the weather conditions during the summer months are such that you need to worry about your comfort. One should lay more emphasis on comfort before style. If, on the other hand, you are getting married during the pleasant winter months, suits made of wool are your best option. This makes you look elegant and gives you the comfort you require during the winter months.

The next thing that one should look into and is often ignored is the theme of your wedding. If the wedding celebrations are based on a theme, your wedding suit must go with it. You will be the centre of attraction on that day and if you do not follow the theme in your own wedding, it does not look that great. So, while you are deciding on the style for your wedding suit, keep in mind the theme your wedding day celebrations are based on!

Next, as it was mentioned before, look for comfort before style. It is your wedding day, and you will be the centre of attention, and you also need to look elegant in your best wedding attire. However, if the suit does not fit you well, it makes you feel uncomfortable and it has an overall impact on your body language and confidence. Make sure that the wedding suit fits you perfectly and the cuts agree well with your body type.

In most cases, when you go to purchase your wedding suit, the jacket and the pants are matched together. However, sometimes, you might need to buy the jacket separately and the pant separately. In that case, you must make sure that the two agree in color and material. Minor differences in the color or the quality become pretty distinct from a distance. So, care must be taken that the jacket and the pants go well with each other.

Now that you have decided in your wedding suit, you can go ahead and buy it. Make sure the fittings are perfect. This is the reason, sometimes; the groom prefers to get the suits tailor-made before the wedding. Also, make sure that you buy the suit well in advance of your wedding day. If you get it just before the wedding, any problems with the fittings or alterations cannot be done on your suit. So it is necessary that you keep some time in hand before going for your wedding suit.

Also, you will need to get a shirt for your wedding suit, one that goes well with the suit you have selected. This is one of the issues in selecting your wedding attire. Immense care should be taken before you select a shirt that complements your suit. The material of the shirt should go well with that of the suit. Sometimes, it is also advisable that you keep an extra shirt for your wedding, in case there is some problem with the first one.

To wrap up your wedding day attire, you can select a tie that goes well with your suit, a belt, shoes and you can accessorize with an elegant watch. This completes the process of putting together your wedding day attire. Once you are done with this, you can be rest assured and have confidence in yourself for being your best self during the wedding.


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