Indian wedding is the most beautiful feelings constituting the extra arrangements which the groom as well as bride’s parent do with happiness, endeavor and extravagance. The greatest extravagance lies in the decoration of cars for the big fat wedding day. In ancient time’s chariots was the means of transport to wedding day. In previous century, grooms use to ride a horse to their weddings, so was the quotation- A handsome prince charming riding in a horse.

Each culture has its own decorative mode

However, the modern day wedding transportation is done by car which is found to be luxurious and fast track. A wedding car is thoroughly decorated according to the type of Indian marriages. The decoration does differ a bit depending on the culture as well as religion but each culture does decorate their wedding car, with the best possible extravagance and grandeur.

The usage of wedding cars

Wedding cars are much easier to travel in; the vast distances can be easily covered within some hours. In the authentically decorated wedding car, the groom and the whole Baraat comes for wedding. The wedding car is also the mean of transportation by which the groom and bride depart after marriage.

The different types of wedding cars used

The wedding cars used include vintage cars, classical wedding cars; these cars come in different categories and wedding packages. The groom’s family has to book the car in advance. These cars come in customized sizes. They have various comfort features, which comes with a reasonable range.

The diverse ways to decorate a wedding car

Indian weddings are the most diverse weddings of all. Clearly, thousands of rupees are spent to hire a luxurious car for the wedding day and to make it the most gorgeous one, innovative ideas are used. Various decorative designs are used to make the car look extravagant.

Flowers and colors speak lots

The different colors of flowers are a big reason for decorating cars. Red roses form the basic themes of flowers. Red is the most vibrant and lovely color; colors like pink, blue as well as orange colored flowers is considered the most lucky and romantic colors which match the ambience of a happy wedding.

Fashion is an important factor in decorating

Cars in modern day weddings are decorated according to the fashion trends. A car decoration is considered equally important like that of the other decorations. A bride and a groom usually marries once; a grand wedding happens only once for the people in love. So, the car is given all the collective mixture of flowers along with the trendy fashion with reflects the happiness, vibrancies and the mood of the wedding. None of the colors and flowers decorations are overdone.

Choose the colors and decoration according to the wedding theme

The theme of the wedding is an important part while choosing the colors for decorating the car. The choice of the car as well as the color should match with the theme of the wedding; whether it is the color of the flowers or the color of the ribbons attached, each of them compliments each other.

The other extra decorative items used in the car decoration

  • Roses, orchids and mixtures of flowers give way to other decorative items like ribbons. White ribbons are a great mean to the wedding car decorations. The white color is considered as serene, pure and holy. White ribbons are used in many cars to cover the body along with a bouquet of colorful flowers in the bonnet.


  • The car windows are also decorated thoroughly. The windows are given a glow to match the theme of the wedding as well as adding another attractive part in the car.


  • The other x-factors added to the car includes the mirrors, colorful threads, various designer bows to match the existing car decoration, special artifacts and tissues, embroidered garlands, bandhnis. Artificial as well as original garlands both look beautiful as well as serene with the decorations of the car. These decorative stuffs let the car look gorgeous and happily beaming in the midst of the celebrations.


  • Balloons are also added in many weddings cars. They are always the symbol of happy and rejoicing moments. So, a wedding car decorated with balloons will always look cute, sweet and bubbly. Various shaped and designed balloons with different bright colors and decorations look very beautiful as well as catchy when decorated over cars.


The world of readymade stuffs

  • The wedding accessories sellers are into the fashion trend and can smell the need of the market. They have created thousands of wedding decoration accessories like small cute teddy bears of various colors matching with several themes. These decorative items are very time saving as well as very glamorous.


  • The decorations show off its grandeur when the groom reaches the bride’s house with glamour and dreams in his heart. The car decorator as well as florists starts decorating the car around five to six hours before the departure. The decorations are tried to keep intact till the car reaches the bride’s house.

The lesser the decoration, the more is its beauty and purity

  • Cars are the mode of transport for a groom on his day of wedding; overdoing of anything destroys the whole representation of the car. The new trends believe in the fact that lesser is better. A gorgeous car with simple flowers and fresh smell of accessories makes the wedding car look simple, chick and glamorous.


  • There are many florists who specialize in car decorations; owners hire them for package. The package includes orchids and its extendable versions of other decorations. The package also includes light shaded satins with serene touch in them, netted designed cloths which add to the decorations of the cars.


  • The cars which provide most happiness and grandeur should be chosen by the family of the groom. Wedding is a priceless investment and cannot be replaced by anything else; so there shouldn’t be any shortfall in the decorations of the wedding cars.

Raja Kumar

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