According to a recent survey done by an Indian Magazine most of the Indian Youth weaves the dreams of their soul mate. 57% of them have celebrities as their dream boy and Girl. At the age of puberty this is a common phenomenon to dream about the opposite sex. With the release of Androgens and estrogens, a sudden surge of Flirtatious dreams in mind is a naked truth. In this age every college going boy or girl starts dreaming about their dream boy/ girl and the sex.

India is country where discussing sex related issues are taboo. Inter-caste and inter religion marriage are not acceptable in most of the regions of India. Marriage is mutual agreement between and man and women to live together and to make sexual union to bring new lives in the world. In Indian Subcontinent Talking about marriages is alright but no one want to discuss the truth behind it. Like every Human Mind Indian Youth is also curious about these hidden facts. They try to figure out their beautiful feelings and start making an ideal picture about their Spouse. They usually don’t have anyone to discuss these facts so these feelings even more ignite them.

When Eve and Adam met each other they had No choice to Choose but after centuries every boy/girl chooses and attracts its opposite s ex as per their mindset. Ethnicity, colour, figure, Looks, habits and even many more are deciding factor for choosing a coupling partner. As many studies suggest Indian girls usually Prefers

  • Mans with Indian Ethnicity
  • Closely resembling to their Ideal
  • Having same Habits as her family member
  • Fertile
  • Masculine (not in every case)
  • Open minded metropolitan living Mans.
  • Well settled and rich

There are many girls who would tell that they dream about loving, caring and respectful Man and looks hardly matter for them. But the Facts are otherwise, Girls do like Looks and they really care for it. Most of the girls in India have a celebrity as their dream boy.

According to studies Indian boys looks for

  • Great body shape
  • Attractive faces
  • Good skin
  • Attractive hairs

Basically Indian guys look for physical attributes more than any other. Men are men always and they prefer beauty over other attribute. According to survey mentioned earlier 70 % Indian Men has women celebrities as their dream girl. They keep changing their dream girls as they are not very sure about what they like most. Any attractive thing can change their mindset.

Dreaming about sex life and Partner is normal but addictive only thinking can be dangerous for youth. Parents must handle their tactfully in teen age. Sex education and related education are necessary for these obvious reasons. Curiosity can lead youth to the downfall and finally ending up with Bad habits or crime in Worse cases. In India, there is great debate over making sex education compulsory as Indian Society takes sex related issues as taboo.

Finally dreaming the right one and searching the right one is a special felling. Every men and women wants to marry person of their dream. Dreams may be naughty, outrageous, sensitive or even childish but a quest for real love and dream man is the search that worth. If you want to really know about your dream boy or you wants to get tips for searching and finding the right one, here mentioned are the few tips:

Figure out your likes dislikes and their possible impacts on your life. This will help you out to know about yourself. Some says the opposites always attracts and works in marriage life but the fact is more similar nature tends to be make a successful marriage life. Similar nature and interests will give strength to love bonding. Couples with similar passions and interests complement well each other and knows each other better. Imagine a poet get married to party going person. A poet needs peace of mind and loneliness to think and to do creative work while party going wants to booze and they like hundreds of person around. Will they be able to cope up? No they’ll not. So, similar interests are the key of a successful relationship. The only thing require with this is a sense of respect towards each other and a willing compromising nature to adjust on little Issues.

Always remember what they want: knowing about partner is most important. Knowing their likes and dislikes, their interest is much important. People know their dream partner better than anyone else does so, taking the word of heart and being fair to self is important. Try to look as perfect as you want others to be.

Checking dream partner on ground reality: With high adrenaline anyone may figure out a fairytale prince / princess charming. But this real world has nothing to do with this prince/princess, this world is not a fairytale and one must choose their dream partner with naked eyes. It’s not bad to dream you man/women, being fair in dreaming that is more important.

Creativeness and respect of individual does matter: Find out a partner who is creative (Need not to be genius) in his Work and thoughts. A creative person of your like can give you immense mental pleasure. Also it’s important that partner must respect you and every individual. A person who respects other’s views and opinions can become a better Partner.

Don’t try to suppress your desires: life is rare and it’s rarely offers a second chance. Find a partner which passes at every parameter set by you. Tell your partner about even your all the desires and dream partner and let him/her explain how close he/she is with your dream partner.

Take time and trust your choice: it’s always important to take some time before getting committed to any relationship. Before making the decision check out your partner on your all the parameters. Think twice about your wish list related to a right one. After making a Final decision never listen trust your choice that this is the right one. Stay with your decision because you know better yourself than anyone other.

Raja Kumar

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