It’s time to explore the unexplored places in the world.

Do you know there are some unexplored places in the world? The world we live in is huge, large and gigantic. I am not a scientific person or someone who will sit back to calculate the size of the world because I don’t understand the “figures”. Anyway, if someone asks me to define the size of the world, my answer most probably be… I can spend my whole life exploring and figuring it out. However, the size of the world is definitely more than my own life.

With the world so huge in size and of course in diversity it is not possible for us to explore every part of it, right? And maybe that is the reason why we find it easy to pack bags and travel to places visited and recommended by someone. In this article, I am not going to suggest places where you will find amazing food and outlets to buy stuff. In fact, the article is about the unexplored places on the earth.

“You may have been to Milan, but you may not have feared to spend a day in the Amazon forest. What is life if not explored to the fullest”- Geetika Sachdeva

There is no fun like travelling to the unexplored places. If you are adventure lover just like me, here are a few places where you have to be there before your muscles and bones turn old.

The Unexplored Places on The Earth

  1. Antarctica:
    Antartica is one of the coldest continents that remains unexplored in the world. Image courtesy: YouTube/Sish Advexon

    How many cold continents are there in the world? You can Google and learn for yourself because I am not going to tell. Among all the cold continents, Antarctica is the coldest one. It is covered with ice as it has a temperature varying between minus 10 degree Celsius to minus 30 degree Celsius, under normal conditions. In the Antarctica, the wind blows at a record speed. Because of its extreme weather, the Continent stays the least explored place on the earth.

  2. Amazon, South America
    Image showing Amazin Basin. Image courtesy Thousand Wonders/

    Do you know that half of the rain forests on the Earth are on the Amazon rainforest that is spread in an area of 2.5 million sq.mi? It is also home to many rare species. Rains are one of the major reasons behind it remaining an unexplored place on the earth. Because of the rain and wild creeping species found in Amazon travellers prefer to avoid visiting it.

  3. Deserts:

    Do you know that 1/3 of the Earth’s land surface is covered with deserts? We all know that there are four main types of deserts – polar deserts, subtropical desert, cold winter deserts, and cool coastal deserts. The Antarctic Polar and the Arctic Polar deserts are the two largest deserts for any man to have travelled to. In Africa, there are two most famous yet least visited deserts – Sahara and the Namib Desert. The Namib Desert is said to be the oldest desert known so far. It has been around for some 43 million years and for past 2 million years its present form has remained unchanged.

    Danger lurks behind Kamchatka’s beautiful facade. Image courtesy: rbth/Anton Agarkov

    Dare go to a land inhabited by volcanoes and not humans? Kamchatka, Russia, is the place for you. There are as many as 300 volcanoes one of which is alive and erupting for last 20 years. About 400,000 people live on the land which is quite less when compared with the total landscape.

  5. Greenland
    Image showing a village in Greenland. Image courtesy Beautiful Wallpapers Images Photos

    Greenland is one of the largest islands on the earth, and many parts of it are yet to be discovered. The geography of Greenland as described by Wikipedia has no boundaries. Greenland has ice sheets of 3200 meters thickness.

  6. Gangkhar Puensum:
    Unclimbed and unexplored place on the Earth. Image courtesy: Adventure Travel Magazine

    The Puensum is one of the highest mountains in the world. Situated in Bhutan the mountain stays unclimbed due to unsuitable conditions. A total number of four expeditions have reported of taken place on the mountain in the years of 1983 and then in 1985 and 1986 and in the year of 1994. Climbing to the mountain was later prohibited by the Bhutan government on the basis of spiritual beliefs.

So, these were some unexplored places on the earth. If you are some adventure lover and ready to take risks, why not to plan a trip to places like Amazon and live a challenging life. It is easy to watch geography channels and get surprised by the wildlife. However, it can be excited to experience a wildlife at its core as well.

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Geetika Sachdeva

I have 7+ years of experience in the field of writing. I have worked as a blogger for a devotional TV channel, Channel Divya, Sub-editor for Tri-City Calling a lifestyle magazine and business research associate with WNS. I can write on a wide variety of topics with lifestyle being my forte. My passion for writing has helped me author 12 non-fiction ebooks, contribute to international news websites and online journals.

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