The grandeur of Indian weddings

A wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It is indeed a big step that you take to share your life with another person. Every religion, every country tries to make the wedding day the perfect day. This is something that you are going to cherish for a long time now. So a lot of effort goes behind the wedding preparations and celebrations. In case of Indian weddings, as they rightly call it, the ‘big fat Indian wedding’, there is a lot of celebrations and grandeur. Huge expenditures are made to make everything look perfect.

Expenditures in Indian weddings and their after-effects

Finance is one of the most important aspects in any wedding, especially an India wedding. Starting from the wedding shopping to the food, decorations and celebrations, huge expenditures are incurred at every step. The Indians compromise on nothing when it comes to the big day! Money, labor, effort, and everything else are put into the wedding to make it a grand occasion. The several rituals that make up the Indian wedding, take up a lot of finances. Sometimes, the families tend to spend more than what they can afford. The wedding is not the end of the expenditures. After the wedding, the couple should have enough finances to lead a decent life. This is sometimes compromised on due to grand wedding celebrations.

Financial troubles in marriages

Financial troubles are becoming one of the most strenuous issues in Indian marriages now. Especially in newlyweds, financial stability is a major issue and the finances are not tackled well. What are the different financial troubles that crop up in Indian marriages?

The most common problem is that the couple is not financially stable to pay attention to each other’s basic needs and sometimes the luxuries. This may be attributed to sheer lack of money, struggling finances of the family or even the lack of job security. This results a crack in the Indian marriages, which can later lead to bigger problems. Sometimes, the couple wants to spend more than what they earn, and aim for a luxurious life. This pressurizes the finances in the family.

The other case is when one of the two people involved in the marriage is a spendthrift. He or she tends to spend much more than the other person and this drills a hole in the finances in the family. Also, with limited financial resources, it becomes difficult in this situation. One of the two persons in the relationship is deprived of some of the necessities in life because of the other being a spendthrift. Unless there is an equal and just utilization of finances in the family, it becomes a difficult issue. It is due to this contrasting nature of the couple that there are loads of financial problems. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to list expenses under the two heads of necessities and luxuries. What maybe be luxury for somebody maybe a necessity for the other.

Loans, sometimes, form the problems in many marriages. A financially unstable couple tends to resort to loans during crisis. If this continues and they are unable to pay off the debt on time, problems start cropping up in the family. The burden of the loans become too much to handle, and normal day-to-day family expenses are difficult to meet up. Repaying debts for huge periods of time leads to financial problems and issue crop up between the two persons in the relationship.

Another important problem that is seen pretty often in Indian marriages is when the husband and the wife hail from different family backgrounds, financial conditions and standard of living. If the girl is used to a luxurious way of lifestyle, it becomes difficult for her husband to maintain the same standard unless he is financially as stable as his wife. This difference in family background of the two individuals tends to create problems between the husband and the wife. Each one of them has different financial expectations from the other, and unless they are not met properly, it becomes the root cause of major issues in their marriage.

Moreover, when the couple decided to have kids, there is a further strain on the financial resources. If these problems are not tackled well enough and on time, several problems crop up.

How to deal with financial issues in marriages?

First and foremost, it is essential that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to financial issues. If you are having financial problems, let your partner know about it. This should be done before marriage itself. However, in case you have problems suddenly, do not be shy to share your issues with your spouse.

Secondly, make a proper lost of all the expenses that you have to incur every month. You should be able to distinguish between the necessities and the luxuries. The fixed or necessities should include house rent, phone bills, electricity, food, health expenses and others. Once you are clear about that, you can decide on how much money you can invest on other aspects, like, vacations, decorating the house and others. A clear line must be drawn between the necessities and the luxuries every month. This solves half of your problem.

Thereafter, you can decide on your budget. How much you want to spend and on what shall be decided once you are clear with the list of expenditure that you make. Make sure first priority is given to the necessities.

Planning out your expenses in a month is the best way to deal with financial troubles. You can then have a clear idea of what you want and what you need. While you are at it, care must be taken that both you and your partner’s needs are given equal importance in the planning processes. Being open about your financial issues with your spouse helps solve the problem. Nothing can be achieved by hiding it from your partner.  The more you talk about it, the better the solutions you can get to all your problems.

Raja Kumar

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