Endless luxury, countless rooms, pools, helicopter landing pads, and even private beaches is a must for the richest inhabitants of the world. There are so many lavish residential properties around the world which have all these luxuries. However, the following houses are ahead of those in terms of the size and luxuries of the house.

The 5 Most Expensive House Worldwide:

#1 – The Antilia, Mumbai (India):

One of the most expensive family houses in the world is the Antilia in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. And this spectacular building belongs to the richest man in India. He is the petrochemical entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani.

This skyscraper has a six-story parking garage, swimming pools, a cinema, a temple, a library and three heliports. The impressive building is 173 meters high and has 27 floors. The construction costs were an incredible 50 to 70 million USD.

#2 – Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer (France):

This villa was built in 1902 on behalf of the Belgian King Leopold II as a gift for his wife. The current owner is Brazilian-born Lily Safra. She inherited the luxury property from her deceased husband Edmond Safra, a banker.

The estimated cost of this Villa Leopolda should be 600 million dollars. The building was built in Belle Epoque style. It encloses approximately 2,700 square meters including the pavilions and outbuildings. On the property, there is a swimming pool, a cypress avenue, olive groves, an eight-hectare park, and a helipad.

#3 – Fairfield Pond, Sagaponack (New York, USA):

Fairfield Pond is also popular as the largest residence in the US. The owner is the American investor and businessman Ira Rennert and this lavish property offer everything your heart desires, and probably even more.

Highlights include a $170,000 bath and a luxurious bowling alley. The property is worth $170 million.

#4 – Hearst Castle, Near San Simeon (California, USA):

Hearst Castle is a castle-like estate near San Simeon, California. It is built in the 1920s by newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

At this residence, John and Jackie Kennedy spent their honeymoon. Also “The Godfather” was filmed at Hearst Castle. The value of the property is 165 million dollars.

#5 – The Pinnacle (Montana, USA):

Before the billion-dollar house of Mumbai billionaire Mukesh Ambani existed, the world’s most expensive private home was in the wasteland of the Rocky Mountains. The villa is located in a fantastic ski area and belongs to the American billionaire Tim Blixseth.

The building covers 4,830 square meters and sits on a 64-acre property. It includes four guesthouses, ten bedrooms, an indoor and an outdoor pool, and a cellar for 8,000 bottles of wine. The traffic connection guarantees a helicopter landing pad and a heated entrance to the underground parking garage. Probably the most spectacular extra feature of the house is the ski lift in the gondola from which you can jump directly into the corresponding ski room.

At $155 million, the value of “The Pinnacle” has set at a flat rate so you can probably speak of the most exclusive “ski lodge” in the world.

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