Movies serve as an escape from our real world! Having said that, it requires an indeed imaginative and whimsical conscience to recreate a world, that is not uncomprehensive to our normal thought processes. A film-making process lets an artist do that. Although it requires a remarkable effort to execute in real, it easily allows a viewer to delve into some non-realistic realms. The realms that either could not be perceived by our limited minds or are just surreal and do not exist likewise. The selection of five such movies from the Hollywood that are not only critically acclaimed but also tightly grip the viewers are as follows:

5 Movies that Deftly Create an Imaginary Surreal World


The protagonist dreams and he dreams it hard! Dreams are directly connected to memories. The memorial components of himself and other characters interfere in the deliberate build-up of new dreams to solve a case of a businessman. The plot sweeps you off your feet as you finally get a grip on the subject and its movement.

Nonetheless, the director is crowd-pleasing and well-liked for these topics and he has seen to it that every feature is intricately carved.


The plot-duration of the movie is a single night when a comet passes over. Now, the passage of comet leads to weird phenomena like breaking of screen glass of cell phones and a supernatural aspect taking place especially, on that night.

There is another life of the same characters in the same vicinity. Subsequently, the characters of the movie realize their co-being’s existence in the neighborhood. The golden twist is that the protagonist develops a desire to replace her co-being and continue her life there. Eventually, she tries to kill her quasi-twin of another world and quitting her original one. Indeed, a weird twist!

What Dreams May Come

This is the most creative one amongst all the other mentioned! It will have spellbound you by the vivid hues of painting that beam your face while watching it on a large screen. I haven’t watched this in theatre, though. Nonetheless, my imagination strikes a chord with the intensity portrayed in the movie.

Robbin Williams is warm and heartily as he hops into a utopian world of colorful environs. The strength of loves comes out clearly as he seeks heaven for her beloved wife, despite he is dead.

Upside down

This is my favorite! This movie is a childhood love-story of two gravitationally separate dynamic world’s citizens. The twin planets have flourished their civilization exactly opposite to each other. Some of the trees and mountains nearly reach out to each other planet. Hold on, if you think you can hop on and off to another planet, nope, you cannot! The gravity defies it.

Moreover, there is a discrimination between the worlds, one is considered to be a lower while the other one is of the higher stratum. The girl belongs to a higher and civilized planet. Consequently, the story revolves around how the boy tries to reach out and maneuvers to reunite with her.


I would not have included this movie if it did not have altered the whole concept of wormhole or black hole. The Blackhole is known as a zone in the space that does not relate to the terms of gravity, time, and space. I am at short of my words thinking how Stephen Hawking would have reacted to this movie!

The protagonist undauntedly enters a worm-hole in order to find the clues and research the norms of existence. I mean who is out of their mind! To top it all, there is a direct path to his home’s library from the matrix and inner structure of the black hole. One cannot imagine the speed of light i.e. 3 lakh km per second. The theory of relativity of Einstein is unimaginable and so is this movie.

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Urvi Chheda

Urvi Chheda is an Artist and Writer based in Mumbai, India. She excessively pens her thoughts, after diligent analysis and research, on the subjects of Art, History, Mythology, Travel and Culture. She is a passionate Climber and Marathoner.

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