Many of the would be brides and grooms are looking for a list of free matrimonial sites in India since all the paid matrimonial sites have increased their membership fees drastically. In the past the paid membership has allowed
anyone to contact unlimited profiles for a limited period, however over the period this model has been constantly tightened to squeeze the most bucks from the members. As of now many paid matrimonial sites are only allowing contacting for a limited number of profiles only. This has made a thorough spouse search virtually impossible on the internet matrimony space. Therefore nowadays many parents are on the look for free matrimonial sites on the internet to register and search for a bride or groom for their children.

Why free matrimonial sites aren’t many in India?

A quick check on the internet will reveal that there are not many matrimonial
sites based in India which is offering their services for free. This is because
with a free model it is very difficult to run and market the website for a long
time. There have been some ventures to come up with a free matrimonial sites in
India, however most of them have failed due to a cash crunch. They were not able
to sustain the expensive advertising industry to promote their websites.
Therefore there is only a handful of free matrimonial sites which exist as of

Although membership is free with these matrimonial sites, there are not many
profiles registered as the paid matrimony sites. This is merely because there is
a lack of advertisement about these websites and furthermore the design of these
sites are not very professional too. This is why the paid matrimony sites are
banking on their large profile database to sustain even though their charges are

How can a free matrimonial site sustain?

The important question about these free sites is how can they fund their
operations and sustain in the competitive matrimony market? Although the answer
is not a simple one, the following strategies may help them to compete with the
paid sites with very little revenue :-

1) Publish and earn through Google Adsense

Since there is no source of revenue for free sites, the other form of revenue
that can be generated is through the ads. This is like our conventional
Television and Radio channels business model where the content is provided for
free and revenue is earned through commercial ads. This model is quite
successful when its content generates huge traffic. However, since commercial
ads from other companies will take more efforts to materialize, the immediate
and fast ads revenue that these sites can generate is through Google Adsense

2) Charge for some premium services

The next source of income that is feasible, is to collect a small fee for
some special premium services like special placement of the matrimony profile in
the homepage and so on. This will mean although the members can post the profile
for free they can still promote their profile in the large visitors crowd by
buying off some special place in the homepage. Although this will not yield very
large income for the free site, this will definitely keep the ball rolling.


In a nutshell it all depends on whether good traffic will come into the site
after sometime. If there is a good traffic then sustaining with a free model is
not an impossible task. It is just a matter of keeping the cost to the minimum
possible and increase the content of the site so that the internet traffic can
be turned into a profit for the organization as a whole.

Raja Kumar

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