If you are a gamer, then you know what gaming is.

It’s a powerful desire.

You always want to game.
You think about it in office.
You think about it in sleep.
You think about it your free time.
Many of us who game regularly have a very powerful desire to keep on gaming. We are afraid to lose this desire. We want this to continue and we enjoy it so much, that we think about gaming our entire life.

We surf Youtube for trailers. We see them repeatedly and never get bored of them. Seeing the trailers gets us more excited and we eagerly wait for the release of the game.

We constantly surf through in-numerous gaming forums to read news on games. More importantly we want to know, share and understand what other gamers think about a game we like or dislike.

If you are one of those who have some of the symptoms above, then you are gamer like me. Gaming is like drugs to us. I enjoy games a lot, but what I realized lately is I enjoy more to surf about them. If I want to play game 2 hours for a day, I like to surf about it all day in office or during my free hours.

It worries all of us sometimes that we would not have the time in near future, the time we have now to play games. Never worry, I have seen many people aging in their 50’s also. It’s just that they are able to allocate less time, than they could in their 30’s.

But this Craving for Gaming should be a controlled schedule rather than a disorder.

No one should game continuously more than 2 to 3 hours. More screen time causes illusions and reaction to graphical sensitivity may trigger.

One needs to take time after their gaming session, to relax and interact real world.

I have seen people losing the line between real world and game world. This causes social disconnect leading to loneliness in real world. Those people end up with friends only in gaming sessions for multiplayer events.

Assumption of Parents on Craving for Gaming

Parents assume that gaming is just for fun and passing time. True there are games which are designed specifically for wasting time like Farmville in facebook.

But if Parents had enough knowledge to understand different type of games, they could guide their children towards right games. There are games built with puzzle platforms or action oriented games with logical thinking.

So it is a must for Parents also to learn and understand different types of games produced in market, rather than just buying random games and giving them to their children.

Everyone in the gaming world already knows that gaming is NOT waste of time, but triggers increase in creativity and increases reflex response and logical thinking.

All of you gamers who are reading this article might already have thought that some of the points might have happened with you too. If so, please leave comments and let me know, what you want me to write in my next article too.

Happy Gaming 🙂

Guru Ganesh Sane

Been a gamer since 6 years, and I will be reviewing games and writing articles related to gaming media. I am gamer trying to build a strong gaming community in India.

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