Renting a hall for your party or event is never an easy task – there is wide abundance of places and services, which offer high quality. The entire party hall rental market is full with hotels and banquet rooms; which are better and better and offer memorable experience to all their guests. We believe that the place for your party must be wisely chosen, with balance between quality and payment required; and according the people you will invite. Take a look at these options, think about it and feel free to make reservation or to accept invitation for each of them – they will offer you prefect services and nice prices.

  • Blossom Banquet Hall is one of the places available for your party; the theme and reason of the party are not important, what is important is that you can rent one great party hall in Chennai. They are experienced and reliable; they offer nice small party rooms for all kind of events – banquets, birthdays, anniversary and engage parties. All you need is to contact the for further information about their services, here –

  • Bliss Banquet is the next one in our list; it is located in Mumbai and offers high quality party halls and catering services. It is highly valued and well known in the city; it has space for more than 1000 people, enough for big parties, weddings or other events of that kind. There are two more halls, smaller; which offer space for 300 and 150 people, for events, which have smaller amount of people. Every style, kind and size of party will be handled, with class and elegance; and it will stay for long in your memories; just see here for reservations and more information.
  • Hotel Devi Grand is the next place we offer to your attention; it is highly experienced in that business and offers great quality of banquet halls and services. The catering and the decoration services are among the best; and the prices are really fair and nice. More information you may find at – 9000833360; or

  • Hotel Grandeur, in Hyderabad is the next one; it offers high quality accommodation and room services; the banquet room there is among the best and offers space for 350 people, suitable for all kinds of small events – birthdays, anniversaries, engage parties etc. The nice catering and decorations, which may be included, make the offer even better; you only need to take a look at –, if you need to ask questions or just make reservations.
  • Ajanta hotel is the last in this list; it offers large enough conference and banquet hall, suitable for all kind of events you may want to organize. The hall has capacity of 150 to 600 people, along with possible decoration and catering services; if you need more information just visit – and contact the main office.

Having a party is not tough anymore, there are enough services, which will ease the job and make you expecting it!


Raja Kumar

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