Things to Avoid on a Himalayan Winter Trek

1. Inattentive on Snow-Trail

It is not that easy for an amateur trekker to hike up the snow-layered trail. Once you discern the trick, it will be easier to traverse on a Himalayan winter trek-trail without having a fall. Let the pole-stick help you determine the thickness of snow-layer, so as to cautiously step. Treading through the knee-deep snow will gradually become one hell of a task rather than enjoyment. You will be drenched. Therefore, ensure to remove the shoes and empty the snow-flakes, stuffed in the pockets of rucksack and other belongings. Do change your wet socks after you reach the camp.

2. Keep the Feet Wet

Thoroughly dry your feet. Apply anti-fungal talcum powder before pulling on another pair of socks. This is a must daily chore after you reach a camp and retire for the day. Read on 10 essential things to carry on your first winter trek.

3. Excessive Baggage

Cut down the unnecessary and extra possessions. Pack only one extra pair of an outfit, and only the things that are really important to you. Do not carry the properties with their packaging, loosen them. You will be provided with more gear that will add to the weight of your rucksack and hence let them be light, beforehand.

4. Ill-Fitting Footwear

The footwear should neither be tight-fitting nor be loose ones. The tighter ones will suffocate your feet. At the same time, the loose-fitting shoes will produce excessive friction, especially while descending. The friction might lead to traumatic bites. With the snow terrain and extremely harsh weather, the toes’ tissues and nerves will be affected by the constant rubbing of toes to inner soles.

5. Skip Sunblock or A Moisturizer

It is a tendency of men to skip these lotions as they think it is suitably not needed. Moreover, they do not want to apply sunblock out of the sheer laziness that creeps into anyone of us, in cold weather. The chapped skin is really uncool and causes discomfort in the movement of the muscles. Nevertheless, please apply at least before you begin the hike-day to keep yourself tan-free.

6. Trek with Your Sweatshirt On

It is indeed cold, very, very cold! You might begin the trek all clothed with layers and jackets. Sooner, one realizes, as sweat trickles down, the futility of the sweatshirts or jackets loaded on the heated bodies. Subsequently, bear the pleasant weather for some moments, as you start the hike. You will eventually feel warm. Furthermore, keep your head covered by a bandana or skull cap.

Kedarkantha winter trek in December 2015!

7. Litter

Please do not litter. Collect your waste in a garbage bag. The wrappers, leftovers, used sanitary napkins (for women), the basic waste could all be accumulated in a small plastic or cloth bag. The garbage could then be discarded at base camp after you return.

8. Scatter Your Belongings in Tent

This is a general guideline for any seasonal Himalayan trek, except not a trivial one. The space in a tent does not allow us to live like in a cozy and spacious home. Plan your ways to arrange your needful daily accessories. Keep some pouches and smaller bags to divide the necessary gear.

9. Leave Your Group

It is a selfie age. Apart from being a narcissist, the scenic beauty tempts a hiker to collect innumerable memories. Well, keeping in mind that you are basically in an unknown place, sincerely be in a group. Losing a trail is not fun, as it is not a friendly terrain.

Comprehend over important guidelines for Himalayan winter trek! Be aware before you leap!

Urvi Chheda

Urvi Chheda is an Artist and Writer based in Mumbai, India. She excessively pens her thoughts, after diligent analysis and research, on the subjects of Art, History, Mythology, Travel and Culture. She is a passionate Climber and Marathoner.

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