It was very recently, that i got an opportunity to witness the inaugural venture of an Hyperbaric Oxygen clinic in the city. Being in pharmaceutical industry this new therapy drew my attention and triggered my native passion to discover more about HBOT. After spending hours of reading and getting all the possible materials, i am really in an “Awe”…and a question still lingers in my mind…Why this therapy is not considered as an therapeutic armament, “MUST”, for faster & better healing, imparting quality of life for patients with vast majority of the therapeutic indications(diseases) where this therapy is recommended ???

HISTORY OF HBOT: This Snippet will give a glance about brief History of HBOT. Further details can be accessed at

INDIAN SCENARIO: Today there are only 28-30 HBOT units in India with vast majority of them located only in A class towns. Even though, in general many people like me are totally unaware about Hyperbaric Oxygen and its clinical usage. Fact is, this therapy is not popularized or advertised much, reason’s unknown or lesser known…

My  aim to write about this therapy, is to give much needed hype, & that it may provoke the healthcare sector to give more access to general public towards HBOT, and benefits linked with it through awareness activities.


  • Hyper” means increased and “Baric” relates to pressure. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) thus refers to intermittent treatment of the entire body with 100% Oxygen at greater than normal atmospheric pressures.
  • HBO physically dissolves extra oxygen into the blood plasma.The breathing of pure Oxygen at 3-times normal pressure (3 A.T.A.) delivers 15 times as much physically dissolved Oxygen to tissues as breathing room air. This promotes formation of new capillaries into wound areas, and sufficient oxygen tensions to meet the needs of  ischemic tissues. Hyperoxygenation effects are useful in the treatment of anemia’s, ischemia’s and  some poisonings.
  • HBOT helps achieve following goals in the medical management. a) Oxygenation of ischemic or hypoxic tissue b) Neutrophil Oxidative killing c) Suppression of pathogenic bacterial multiplication d) Improving Antibiotic or medicine effectiveness, e) Enhanced fibroblast function f) Angiogenesis  etc…













Working as a Pharma Professional in the Middle Management, with a strong Marketing experience of more than 21 Yrs. As a part of the profession, and as a nurtured habit, weaving of words to make them more expressive yet simple to understand has been an effort always. Excellent oratory and soft skills have added value to this passion, this keeps my opinions completely biased, balanced and always Non-influential...

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