Most of the Indian Marriages philosophies believe that couples, with seven vows of marriage rituals, are committed to next seven births and rebirths. But the increasing rate of Divorce filing is indicating that it’s not that easy to marry same person birth after birth. Who is certain to rebirth? A successful marriage life for one life is a far cry.

Most of the Indians marry only partner in life time and its traditional fact to bear that relationship in any case just for society, family and children. Recent Survey suggests that many couples are not happy in their marriage lives but still they are ready to carry this for lifetime because of family and social pressure. They are not happy in their relationship, but they want to carry their relationship. It is taught to most of the Indians to marry only once in Lifetime, that too of choices of their parents.

It’s clear with above text that an average Indian files a divorce case in extreme conditions only. Moreover Indian Court seeks more strong reasons to allow them to get separated. Even then divorce cases are increasing year by year. The incidence of divorce in Indian society is not only increasing but causes of divorce are of new types which are giving new impetus to it. The most obvious factor for filing divorce is incompatible personality. But recent cases have seen a new dimensional reason for filing a divorce appeal. According to a study done by Marital Dispute Resolving Agency the main causes of marital discords is Incompatibility, demand of Dowry, physical of behavioral incapability (Impotency, deficiency, disorders). This Study was conducted over a set of 250 different persons who were directly involved in disputes.

Most of the people are filing for mutual consent divorce petitions in the first year of their marriage. And as more interesting facts mostly women are filing divorce petition. The petitions for divorce have doubled in five years. Persons living in metropolitan cities are filing more cases. Society is now accepting the change and it’s also accepting the truth of Divorces.

Divorce is no longer a taboo in India. Women residing in metropolitan have accepted this change and very soon these facts will be accepted by remote area’s women. It’s been marked that trend accepted by metro slowly spreads to the villages. In earlier years, women in small towns were feeling shy of registering the domestic violence and divorce cases, but in modern India trend are being changed. Women are getting support from the family and society and they are coming up with the problem in their marriage lives.

In modern Time the main reason of divorce cases that stand out are:

  • Changing socio-economic environment
  • Demand and assertion of equal rights for Women
  • Decreasing willingness to adjust in a relation

Changing socio-economic environment

After opening gates for global Market India is going through a great socio economic change. Job opportunity and Participation opportunities for women have increased drastically in recent years. Women are more dependent than ever and they are choosing the partner of their will. Women in metro cities are contributing equally in family earning.

This socio economic change has brought a freedom and power for society (especially for women). Modern women do not compromise on any sort of partiality. Some women are having career, money and fame paced above marriage on their priority list. Men also do like modern women and this social economic have changed the scenario. Family, office and paced life put a pressure marriage and sometime this becomes the cause for divorces. Extra marital affairs, sexual relations are also most prominent causes for broken relationships.

Demand and assertion of equal rights for Women

Modern empowered women are demanding for equality rights. They want partner of their choice. They want to live an unclouded joyful life. Dowry harassment by in laws, impotence, physical disorders citing cases are there in Society. Now a day’s insignificant issues like work pressure, less time to devote in marriage are coming in picture. Women are more powerful and demanding to their rights. In an interesting case a two year old marriage was at the verge, where couple had a serious disagreement over apolitical Leader.

Decreasing willingness to adjust in a relation

Many female spouses expect co-operation and adjustment from their male spouses. Earlier it was the responsibility of women to adjust with husband’s family. In modern world women expect a proper help and support from husband in Homely affairs. Since modern women of India are educated, self dependent and empowered and it is not willing to adjust at every front. Most of man has learnt this fact and where there is disagreement a problem situation arises.

These changed socioeconomic reasons and assertion of equal rights has given rise to a feeling of incompatibility. Hence Divorce cases in India Are increasing with a great pace. Indian Youth has shown has drastic changes in recent years.

Few points worth a look to understand the changing environment of Indian Marriages:

  • Most of the Divorce case is being filed in First year of marriage. The top reasons are incompatibility, Physical deficiency, rude violent behavior and demand of dowry. This shows the diminishing urge of adjustment in Indian couple.
  • Maximum of Indian divorce cases end up with separation.
  • Ratio of case filing by women is increasing with a pace. It shows the acceptance and reason of divorces.
  • Most of the Indian matrimonial sites have maximum of registration of divorced and Widow persons who are looking for a Companion.
  • Sexual abuses and forceful unnatural sex cases are also coming as a reason for asking divorces.

Indian society and marriage life has seen a lot of changes in recent year. A notable trend in divorce cases and its reason clearly indicates that the Indian Youth is finding itself more open to their interest. Youth psychology has completely changed in recent years. Committing in a relationship and moving out of it not that tough as it was in last decade. A happy marriage is based on Understanding and couples in India have understood this. They are giving time to their relationships and where there is no way they are simply opting to come out of it.

Raja Kumar

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