Are you ready for the revolution? Extending from Delhi to Mumbai, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor will be a Mega Project in every sense of the word, with an estimated cost of $90 billion, making it one of the most expensive such projects in the history of humankind!

The project will pave the way for India becoming an industrial superpower- one of the greatest the world has ever known. This is happening fast, even as you are reading this right now, and will reshape the Indian economy in the coming two decades.

It’s All About Mobility

When it comes to national progress, a well-maintained network of roads, national highways, expressways, and of the course, the humble streets is of utmost importance. People and goods can freely move from one place to another when there is extensive connectivity between places- from the rural to the urban areas.

A vast network of freeways and roads was one of the chief reasons America emerged as the world superpower. China followed suit and began expanding its transport infrastructure.

The Power of Democracy Takes India Miles Ahead of China

Remember, it’s all for the people, by the people, and of the people. Democracy and democracy alone has the power to make India stand miles ahead of China, for the Indian people are truly free in mind as in spirit, which gives them a strategic advantage.

So, when China closely followed America in revamping its transport network, India has nothing to fear. With the Government supporting mega projects and their execution at a massive scale, India will soon emerge as the Global Superpower in a matter of no time.

Paving The Way To The Future

India needs to strengthen her transport infrastructure and the revolution has already begun with the Delhi-Agra Expressway already completed. The $2 billion project has reduced the travel time between the cities by up to 4 hours, thanks to the controlled access, which prevents slow-moving vehicles from entering the express highway.

As per the latest update, the Government plans to spend Rs. seven lac crores to build an 83,677 km network of highways by the year 2022. This will push economic activity and development even more. The new highways, expressways, and state highways in India would reduce the time taken for goods’ transport from the manufacturing sectors and hubs.

What’s more, it is not just about mega highway projects connecting industries to the national network. It is also about the upliftment of the rural regions and ensuring they stay connected with the central spine, 24 x 7. Over the next 3 years, the Government would spend another Rs. 88,185 crores towards building rural roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (The Prime Minister’s Rural Road Scheme).

The Bharatmala Project Will Garland The Nation With Economic Prosperity

The ‘Bharatmala’ project aims to link to Gujarat to Mizoram and Maharashtra to West Bengal. True to its name, ‘Bharatmala’ (“the garland of roads”) would garland the nation with an extensive network of roads and highways spanning 24,800 km- linking coasts, borders, ports, and tourist as well as religious places.

These new road projects, the upcoming mega highway projects are a garland of prosperity indeed!

Conclusion: Marching Ahead

The next two decades will see India rise as the new world superpower. Not only will highways and expressways increase the industrial growth, the rural connectivity would change the lives of common people residing in India’s numerous towns and villages forever.

The world is watching. India knows the power of democracy. We, the people.

The transformation has already begun.


Vidhu Jain

A top-rated professional writer and an extremely passionate traveller who loves to live her life on wheels, Vidhu did her Masters in Radiation Biology. Writing had always been her passion- what started as a hobby eventually became a full-time profession. It works magic when your passion and profession are the same, so says Vidhu. She loves to explore the world of words with the might of the pen and documents some of the world's most unexplored places. Vidhu writes in a variety of niches including travel, lifestyle, photography, movies, critiques, art, heritage, culture, social issues, health, wellness, biology, cryptocurrency, the blockchain, etc. A voracious reader and a multi-award-winning scriptwriter, Vidhu has written scripts for numerous travel films and TV Shows for National Television and wants to bring a positive change to the lives of people everywhere with her writing. Vidhu is honoured to be an empanelled writer for UP Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India and her works have led to her organization, Sukhnidhey Films being recognized as India's only 'Outstanding' filmmakers by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. She can be contacted on her email: or visit her blog:

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