“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

To begin with the whole marriage concept, it is a relationship, a bonding between two persons who vow to spend the remaining part of their lives together. However this bonding depends on certain mutual factors such as affection, love, understanding and trust. These are the basic things on which you lay the foundation of marriage. In the primitive times it was a rule that if the husband dies early then the wife would have to live all her life alone and she would not be able to marry or see someone else. But with time the regulations have changed and so has the thinking process of human beings. They have become more logical and with more woman power they have successfully changed this rule. Now women have the right to marry even after they have an unsuccessful marriage or if their husband dies. Let’s not talk about people dying here.

Taking the unhappy marriages into concern we find many couples who even though they are married to each other are not happy with their relationship. This may happen due to various reasons and one reason leading to the other we see that there are extra marital affairs. And eventually when one comes to know about this then also they are not happy. So if the root cause of your unhappiness is your marriage then why not simply get a divorce and marry that person whom you love so much. Now the question is whether remarriage a perfect solution to overcome the depression from an unsuccessful married life. Well, there can be different answers to this question depending on the person to whom this question is being asked. Take for example a person who has really had a bad marriage from day one. There have been problems and arguments and what not. In this case both the man and the woman would be eager to move on with life after their divorce and would certainly want a remarriage with the person they think they would be happy with. This would not only keep them happy but also the person with whom they are engaged. However if you take another example where the couple are getting divorced due to several issues like society or due to their parents, then in that case it becomes really difficult to lead a life after the divorce.

The thing is love knows no language and no religion. But sometimes these factors do come into play. When you are in love you tend to go blind and in a hurry you take a decision for which you regret later. We have often seen marriages between of people who are from different communities or religion but madly in love with each other. This may sound a bit cinematic but then again, cinema comes from real life itself. So in these cases there are maximum chances that the family does not approve to the marriage and you have to think about the family and also about yourself. In this dilemma your marriage goes nowhere and leads to an unhappy one and eventually you have to take the path of divorce. Now what will those two people do after they get divorced? If a general poll is taken then most of the people will say that they should not marry again because that would be disrespect to the love they had once shared. Now suppose these two are young and they have a whole life ahead of them and if they have already got a divorce at a young stage then it would be a really bad decision to live single. If you have made a mistake then it is your responsibility to rectify it because after all it is your life and no one else will drive you. It is you who has to move on and going for a remarriage would be one of the best decisions that you can take. Yes it is understandable that you had once loved a person and that person also had the same feelings for you but you have to accept the fact that you are not together and if you move on with your life then it would help the other person to move on as well. Many people think that remarriage is a crime. However it is not. It is just a beginning to a new start.

It is obvious that when you marry someone a lot of responsibility automatically comes into your hand and one of the best ways to deal with those responsibilities is by being good friends with your partner. This often solves a lot of issues even after you get divorced. Though these are rare scenarios but there are times when even after divorce the couple has been good friends. This also helps them to get a view of remarriage. One thing that is not mentioned till now is the depression that comes along with the divorce. It is quite an obvious feeling and almost 9 out of 10 people will be depressed after getting divorced. Be it their fault or someone else’s, depression is something that is spontaneous and once you know that you are getting a divorce you will have this feeling for a long time. But the main question is whether you will be able to get out of this depression or not. And the answer is yes, you can. It is not a very good idea to brood over your unsuccessful marriage the rest of your life. For a few days people will listen to you and sympathize with you but after a few days even they would feel annoyed.

 The best way to get this depression away is by spending some time alone and then when you are ready you can always look for another girl with whom you can lead a stable life after getting married. There are no data or surveys which show that remarriage is a solution to the depression of an unsuccessful marriage but if you want a general idea then it is better to move on and lead a happy life rather than being sad and giving away negative vibes.

Raja Kumar

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