Firangi – The Upcoming Movie Starring Kapil Sharma

‘Indians will be Indians’. It is not me who is saying it, but all of us who believe in the statement, and why not? If Americans can be proud of being Americans, why can’t us? The movie Firangi has nothing to do with that. Lol! That was just a filler. The real story begins here: Firangi – the action-comedy drama film is a romantic story of a villager (Manga). Manga (Kapil Sharma) is a man who is greatly influenced by the British and manages to get a job where he is required to serve the British in what role that you would have to discover by watching the movie.

Anyway, let’s get to the bottom line. The movie Firangi is scheduled to launch on 1st December 2017 overtaking the release of the controversial movie Padmavati. The movie Firangi was initially scheduled to launch in November; however, its release date has been postponed as the movie still awaits approval from Central Board of Film Certification. Although its release date has been deferred, it doesn’t mean that the release of the movie is in doubt like it is in the case of Padmavati.

Check out the Firangi movie trailer

Kapil To Debut In Hollywood:

FirstPost, a leading newspaper, has reported that Kapil has got an offer to debut in a Hollywood project Comedy Curry TV series soon after the release of Firangi. FirstPost is not the only source of confirming the rumor. Another reliable source, Zoom, has also reported of Kapil revealing his Hollywood offer. Kapil is likely to meet the makers of Comedy Curry in the US once his movie Firangi is reached theatres.

So, our Indian star is all set to rock the Hollywood. It has been revealed that Kapu will play a role of comedian against a Hollywood star. It would be really nice to see how the Punjabi boy performs in Hollywood. His learned skills in Firangi might help him in a great deal during his stay in the Hollywood. And you never know, you may get a surprise from Kapil and Priyanka working together in some Indo-Anglo film.

Kapil Sharma on a dream ride. Image courtesy Mazale

All’s Well That The Ends Well

Aah! We can dream till eternity, right? Anyway, Kapil Sharma’s Firangi movie is set to launch soon and I am sure you will like it. The movie’s story is different from his previous movie Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon.

Details of his new comedy series have not be released yet. It is tough not to ignore the rumors or the news. But we cannot even ignore the big mouth of Kapil Sharma who is famous for his nonsense tweets and comments in the press. This time, the director of Firangi has leaked the details of Kapil receiving an offer from Bad Mamas company who created the original Comedy Curry series. If the opportunity is for real, there is no denying that Kapil will rise to one step higher in his journey to success. Its been a while since Kapil Sharma’s comedy series telecasted. Unfortunately, his cast ditched him because of which he had to end the entire show. However, it didn’t put a stop on Kapil’s journey to success. Let us wait to hear from Kapil about his Hollywood venture.


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