Stars and planets are always important in marriage; the planetary movements are quite important if it turns out that a partner has Mangal dosh in his birth chart. Manglik is always considered as a bad omen in the natal charts of a person. In marriage, people claim a manglik person as a pathetic case as its effect destroys his partner, ending to death. But maximum portion turns out to be the myth rather than the truth.

The elaborate sketch of Mangal dosh planetary position

Manglik dosh is an astrologically calculated planetary position of the planet Mars; in manglik dosha the planet Mars is positioned in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person’s horoscope. A person is claimed to be Manglik if he has his planet Mars placed in any six of these houses out of 12 houses in his horoscope. The prominent part is that manglik dosh is not gender based.

The meaning and significance of Mangliks

The position of the planet Mars is found in both male and female natal charts. The manglik dosh is a Sanskrit word and is also known as Bhom Dosha or Kuja dosha or Angarakha Dosha. The name itself suggests turmoil in marital status leading to the separation and divorce. The trouble lingers to financial loss and other professional troubles and deterioration.

The interesting characteristic traits of a Manglik personality

  • The usual tendencies of a manglik to have a high and impulsive temper; the rage in a manglik person can be dangerous if challenged or provoked with deliberation. It can turn them into a ruthless and vengeful person. Mars is the planet of fiery and fire; the affects of fire are usually found in a manglik person.


  • Though seemed to be calm and cold from outside, they are burning fire inside and turn out to be volatile at times. If emotionally hurt their ruthlessness and hatred even burn others. The affect of planet Mars on them gives an outer impression of arrogance and ego which they are not at all situations.


  • Manglik people have a very high self-esteem and hate fake flattery or even back-stabbing. The burning fire within them gives them courage and at times the nerve to be brave. Their straight forwardness is very on-the-face; this gives an impression to others that they are very proud and complacent. They hate liars and people to be selfish are a big no from them. On the contrary, they are very friendly and loyal at heart.


  • The mangliks are very emotional in nature and can give their 100% in one single thing or person or even family if they want and get satisfactory loyalty and love. They can love a person deeply and always trust the people whom they love the most. So, it is always suggested for the mangliks to choose their partners after thoroughly considering them.


  • The word pain and dissatisfaction is the casting reflection of the mangliks. If their trust is broken, they can go up to the extent of destroying anything. On the other hand, if someone wins their trust, they can be brave enough to be at the person’s side. That is the reason Mangal dosh affects the married life.

Mangliks in marital relationships

  • A manglik is not a demon or a curse. The advancement of education, awareness and the further research in numerology has brought about the fact that Mangal dosh is found in every second alternative person. That doesn’t means; a manglik person is a wicked witch or a murder or a bunch of untouchables. It also doesn’t means the person cannot get married or lead a happy life ever.


  • Like every other planet, the Manglik planet too has some bad and good sides. Just because a manglik has temper and gets volatile and impulsive when provoked doesn’t means they have some problem in personalities. They can also fall in love and maintain a happy and successful relationship on right companionships. If certain customs and rituals are followed the Mangal dosh can be nullified.

Manglik people can lead a successful married life

  • There are certain procedures through which a manglik person nullifies the effect of the planet Mars and lead a beautiful as well as a successful married life with their partner. According to the astrology every problem has a solution and the first solution for a manglik person is to get them married to another manglik person.
  • Mangal dosh gets nullified when two manglik individual gets married. A couple where both the individuals are manglik end sharing and balancing their energy as well as other negative factors in their marital life; their anger, rage as well as mental tensions balance each other.
  • The stubbornness, loyalty, fierce love, passionate desires; each of them gets fulfilled by each other. The quotient of satisfaction will automatically bring on the love between each other. This is the reason it is suggested that the parents of the couples must get a horoscope match been done of the boy and girl, before settling for marriage, if any of them are Manglik.

The different effects of Mars positions

  • A manglik whose Mars position is in 1st house is usually very volatile with their partners. People with their planet Mars positioned in 1st house can end on regular quarrels, and chiding; this can result in physical assault and violence with their respective partners. It is always best to match their horoscopes before getting them married.
  • A manglik whose Mars is positioned in the 2nd house is usually affected by family problems and differences. Their marital life gets highly affected if somehow their character brings about upsetting results. Their professional life also gets affected by their nature.
  • During marriage Manglik people should prefer white color along with shades of red. Manglik people are very sensitive towards red. Since red is the color of planet Mars, it is always suggested to choose their bridal wears of cool and sedating colors along with red.

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