Star hotels are developing inroads into the best ‘Kalyana mandapams’ (marriage halls) commercial in Chennai. In the previous one year, the star guesthouses in Chennai have listed about 20 per cent surge in their reservations for weddings and parties, from the last year are 200 such events. Halls such as Taj Connemera, GRT Grand, Park Sheraton, the Park and Residency Towers charge only for the food they serve and not for the place. Reliant on whether the food is veggie or non-vegetarian the price of food ranges from Rs 300 to Rs 475 per plate without an additional 10 % tax.

Talking to Business Standard, K C Tharayan, executive director of Internship Towers, said that the convenience, atmosphere and hassle-free service existing by the star hotels have led to the growth in number of marriages.Premier Kalyana mandapams such as AVM Rajeshwari, Rani Meyemmai, Andal Raghavendra, Azhaghar plus Vijay Seshmahal charge individually for the wedding hall, various prices and for foodstuff service.

The price of hiring these halls would be anyplace between Rs 62,000 and Rs 1 lakh and an extra miscellaneous custody of about Rs 35,000 for a day. Various charges include power charges, service charges and aquatic charges etc. The price of food per person is contingent on the budget of the client. A benefit of hosting a wedding in Kalyana mandapams as likened to star hotels is that the previous offers couple of rooms for the marriage party for its removal inclusive of the marriage hall cost.

Prem Anand, food and infusions manager of GRT Grand said that on the 1 hand the incomes levels of persons have gone up while on the additional such services existing by star hotels are competitively valued. Tharayan piercing out those star hotels are observing at this segment of business very extremely as even in the case of marriages held elsewhere, the welcomes are hosted in the hotels. The commercial hotels offer value additions such as a humble mandapam arrangement and welcome foods.

Amusingly, the business is also plummeting its seasonality. Earlier, it was considered as gloomy to behavior weddings from July 15 to August 15, but now it is gradually changing among Tamilians. GRT Grand kicked off the advertising to grow the marriage hospitality marketplace. Now, Taj Connemara has also linked the fray.

Anand said that the income made for the hotel from hosting marriages and wedding receptions as directly linked on it publicizing cost. GRT Thangamaligai gold jewellery workshop, organizer of GRT Grand, has also facilitated the hotel garner clients. Presenting five-star marriages is no longer the exclusiveness of north Indians as their south Indian complements are fast grasping up. North Indians account for 65 per cent of the shop and the rest is being paid by south Indians marriages.

In positions of size Kalyana mandapams fare well than commercial class halls as they can house a pack of 1 thousand people. While in the case of star guesthouses only buffet are assisted and the leaf service used for south Indian marriages are unavailable.


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