Men often find the idea to get married frightening. Some men do get scared at the thought of marriage. However marriage is not that bad as it seems if you are armed with certain tips which will drive your fears away.


The first and foremost rule is not to rush when you think of marriage. You might be hitting your late forties and your friends might be asking you to get hitched but do not plan to get married right away. Instead ask yourself whether you are really ready for marriage or not.

No matter how hectic your work life is always take out time for your wife and children. You might have a grueling schedule at work and might have to work on weekends too but make sure to take breaks whenever possible with your family so that you can recharge your batteries.


No matter how difficult it is never carry work back home. Even if you have to work late in office and finish it do theta instead of coming back home with work. Once you are back from office ask your partner how the day was .Ask about normal day to day life.


Think about your finances and ask yourself whether you are ready to share your life. Do not rush and think about the freedom of staying up late with your friends might be over. Compromising in certain situations to make your partner happy might be some other concerns so ask yourself whether you are ready.


Disagreements are quite common between couples and if you think there is clashes in opinions just talk it out and solve each other problems instead of sulking. Keep the channels of communication open and never carry a grudge against each other. Rather both of you can discuss about the problems and find out ways to solve them.


There are some issues in your family which might need your attention so give them a patient hearing and try to solve them along with your partner rather than avoiding them. There could be issues relating to your children so make sure that you listen to the problem s and solve them.

In most of the houses the children often go to bed with their parents. If this is a practice in your home too, then skip it and make sure that your child goes to sleep in another room so that both of you get some time to be together.


Mutual trust and respect towards each other the building blocks in any relationship so make sure that both of you trust each other and have respect for each other for a successful relationship.


Get a woman who has a mind of her on and who is also passionate about her hobbies. If you have a soccer match on television this weekend you need not get worried about her tantrums or that she is going to scream for your attention as she will be catching up with her hobby. Give each other space so that you get the time to catch up with things that both of you like.



The best moments are those where you enjoy each other’s company. Marry someone who has a great sense of humor and can laugh on your mistakes. Humor in any relationship is healthy and can make you feel nice. When you feel bogged down, a joke can bring laughter in your life Spend time with each other as much as possible whether it is grocery shopping or going out for a Sunday brunch. Take short holidays every now and then so that both of you can discover each other again. Life is short, so try to make it enjoyable.


For the last few years we have noticed a trend that the divorce rates are alarmingly high and there has been an increase in the rate of divorces. Incompatibility is known to be reason for it. Working couples often find it difficult to spend time with each other and as result of which disagreement are common for nay petty issue. With a lack of time from both the sides these issues are often not solved which leads to bitterness in any relationship Whenever there is any problem , you need to address the problems right away without any delays.


Trust each other for if you do not trust each other then there will be cracks in a relationship that might be difficult to mend.  If you have hurt your partner you should ask for forgiveness. Make the first move to say that you are sorry. If you partner is extremely annoyed with you then surprises her by taking her out for dinner or you can even gift her something thoughtful. A personal message or a card can also work wonders in such cases.


To make each other feel special gift each other small presents or cook a meal for your partner. Writing a small note or leaving a card behind can also work wonders. Do something for her which she will like. You can even ask her to take a break from household duties and book her an appointment with a salon for a pedicure. You can gift her book by her favorite author.


Marriages are made in heaven but no marriage is perfect or no two individuals are alike when it comes to their choice and wants. You cannot expect your wife to be just like you or you cannot expect her to change overnight. It is normal to have petty arguments but at the end of it both of you must see each other’s point of view .Instead of wishing that your partner could change think whether you can change yourself as that is the path to a successful marriage.


Lastly it is important to be happy yourself. Only if you are happy within you can make others happy. So try and be happy always. Share your innermost thoughts and feelings with your partner and also make her feel special.

Raja Kumar

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