Marriage is a beautiful relationship between two individuals. However once you are wedded for some years many people feel that the magic or the chemistry that the two of you shared no more exists.

Any marriage needs mutual trust and respect towards each other to make it work. A married person should remain faithful and provide unconditional love and support to towards a partner. Experts swear by some golden rules when it comes to making a marriage work

Firstly it is important that being a woman you so not invade the privacy of your partner which means that you so not go through his personal belongings such as his laptop or his Smartphone to get any details. Give each other space and do question him too much about his whereabouts. Men often feel bogged down by a nagging wife or a girlfriend.

Understanding him is the successful key to any relationship. If he likes to stay on his own once he is back from office after hard day at work. Let him be instead of bombarding him with questions. Leave him for sometimes and he will get back to you after sometime. Show your support in things that he wants to do whether it is taking up any assignments or projects.

If both of you are contemplating marriage then make an initiative to visit his family and get acquainted with them. However be polite towards your man’s relative or parents and never criticize them in from of your boyfriend. If you so not like something about your guy’s parents keep quiet instead of discussing out. Guys seem to be very possessive about their friends too .So if you don’t like some of his friends do not mention that as it is quite likely that me might get offended .Do not make rules and regulations to bog him down such as that he needs to call you before going out or that he cannot go out with a certain set of friends that you don’t approve much. Sadly a guy will not like your dictatorship and he will soon find an excuse to avoid you.

For any relationship to be successful there is a need for proper communication. So if you have met your ex flame in a shopping mall or a bookstore there is no need to hide that. Instead you could just mention to him casually about your chance encounter. If you have a past then disclose to your boyfriend but do not divulge unnecessary details to make it more complicated .Often complications arise when your partner gets to know something about your past form other so it is  always advisable to disclose it beforehand .

For ant relationship to work there should be a fair amount of commitment from both sides without which it becomes very difficult to carry on. Communicate as much as you can. Even if there is a certain amount of misunderstanding between the two make sure that both of you clear that out.

When you are deciding on anything that is related to the household or kids, do not take charge always. Instead you could also request your partner to give some opinion or do things the way he wants. Give him the freedom to decide about certain things related to the house. Make him feel nice by giving him his due importance.

If you have fought earlier over trivial issues in the past do not bring that up every now and them. If you have any bitter memories regarding a fight, there is no need to take it up every now and then as both of you will end up feeling bad at the end.

If you have some problems regarding his behavior or the way he make your room untidy, speak to him without fighting it with him. Tell him in a polite manner that he needs to change his ways as things are not going that good. If you face any problem let him knows about with without blaming or accusing each other.

Respect each other’s need for privacy. He might not approve your recent posts on any social networking websites so make sure that you respect that and don’t post anything that he does not approve of. If he is not comfortable about you sharing details about his personal life to his friends then abide by that.

Learn to take breaks every now and then. Both of you must be having a hectic schedule at work and might not find the opportunity to spend quality time with each other so make sure that you take breaks from your work after a month or so and go for short holiday to recharge your batteries. If your partner is feeling neglected due to your work pressure, promise him that you will take a break soon.

Give your partner all the attention. If he has something important to say then listen to him with all your attention without   focusing your attention elsewhere. Do not carry work back home. If you have to stay for an extra hour and finish the work in your office then do that instead of carrying the work home so that you can some quality time with your partner.

Even if you are angry so not think for parting ways or say that you want to get a divorce Men might find that to be rather disrespectful and that might only make him bitter. So before you decide threaten him with divorce think again about the consequences.

Most of the successful couples speak to each other and resolve their differences amicably. Others make the mistake of discussing this in social networking platforms or even discussing them with friends and family and make things worse. We often get influenced by others so it is wise not to let anyone intrude your private space and dealing with the problem yourself.

When a man becomes angry try to reason it out with him and also try to ponder on what you have done to make him angry, instead of fighting it out. Do not indulge in any blame game or throwing accusations each other. Never use abusive language as this lead to hatred and it might be difficult to heal the cracks later on.

Raja Kumar

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