The tradition of throwing a huge and hefty wedding party is the most seen in the south. People like the idea of celebrating their love and happiness with others in the most lavish way possible. Our fathers and forefathers believed in a short wedding with simple and homely tradition and the marriages were held in the ancestral houses itself and the concept of throwing a marriage party in a reception hall was new and expensive to them. But as the times passed people started seeing the advantage celebrating the marriage occasion in a marriage hall and slowly grew positive to the idea. Today, there are many famous marriage halls in Chennai that have being doping the fantastic job of throwing the best marriage parties for the couple and making the occasion very special and memorable.

Some of the famous marriage halls we find in Chennai are:


One of the most famous halls of Chennai, Shri Vishnu Mahal hall has the reputation of its own and has been doing a splendid work in their field. The hall tries to make the wedding of the couple the most talked about and special event of the night and put all their hard work to help the couple fulfil their desires and dreams about their wedding. The location of the venue provides a cultural feel to its environment and brings the traditional touch to the services they provide. The venue is located on the Arcot Road and is also the largest and the most enormous hall of the city. The highlights of the hall are the special services it offers to its clients and the decorations of the place are breath-taking. It has the capability of holding 1000 guests at a time. The hall guarantees the clients to have a best event of their lifetime at this venue with no efforts on the part of the party. They offer different kinds of food and the food will definitely make your mouth water. The venue has a royal touch in its background and the decorations give away the feel of the grandest event of time.

If interested in the venue, visit:

Contact details: +91 4452124354


If you are searching for a place in Chennai away from the chaos of the city and in a quiet and secluded area and still want your wedding to be the most grand event of the night then Conference Banquet and Resort is the place for you. The first thing that a couple should see while looking for a marriage is hall is the capacity of the hall to hold the guests and choose the hall accordingly. Well, the venue has the capability of holding about 2000 guests at a time and the halls of the venue have centralised air conditioning which is very convenient for the party arriving for the occasion. The decoration of the hall is renowned in whole of the Chennai and the food here is exquisite.



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