“There is a woman behind every successful man” is a Common saying which proclaims the importance of a lady and marriage for a successful life. One more saying in India is “There are only three reasons for any brawl and that are Zar (Money), Zoru (Wife or a lady), Zameen (Property). This fact has proved itself many times in history. Indian history has seen much warfare for marriages and affairs. It’s not that Affairs and marriages only bring wars and quarrels but Indian history has ample examples where Marriages brought harmony and peace.

This article is an effort to put some lights on famous historical marriages. Marriages are the union of two people but in India, marriage brings two families closer. Marriages in India brought harmony over warfare.

Chandragupta – Helena:

Chandragupta maurya was the first known big ruler of India. He married Helena after defeating Helena’s father Selucus in a war. On basis of stories written in Greek Documents and Indian plays it can be concluded that HELENA was daughter of Selucus “Greek emperor of India”. Chandragupta in his struggle days joined selucus’s Army where he learnt the art of warfare. There he met to Helena, who fell in love at first sight with Chandragupta” and fell in love with her. Later after killing his half brother “Nanda” Chandragupta became King of Magadha (a big province in ancient India).

When selucus attacked Magadha, Chandragupta with this large army defeated selucus. Then Chankya, Prime minister and mentor of Chandragupta, offered selucus to marry his daughter to Chandragupta. Selucus happily agreed to it and he accepted Chandragupta as his son in law.

This marriage opened new doors in Indo-European relations. In Greek historical documents Chandragupta is known as “sandrakuttos”. This marriage is recorded as an alliance between India and Greek. Selucus gave Kandahar (Now in Afghanistan) and many gifts to Chandragupta. Helena also known as Roseanne was a beautiful intelligent Greek girl. She liked India and its culture as much that she studied Sanskrit, Indian classical music, and its religions and geography.

This marriage brought harmony and peace between two worlds. This marriage opened new chapter of relations with Greek work (also referred as Hellenic world). This marriages changed Indian history and India Spread its knowledge to the world.

Prathviraj and Sanyogita:

This marriage of medieval India is known for love hate relations of two Indian states named as Kannuj and Delhi. Sanyogita, Daughter of Kannuj king Jaichand was in love with Delhi king Prithviraj chauhan. The two rival kings and states had a blood shed history. When jaichand came to know about it he decided to insult Pritviraj. He arranged “swayamvara” (bride chooses her groom at her will) and invited all the eligible prince and kings except pritviraj. He putted a Clay statute of Prithviraj on the entrance, serving as doorman.

When Prithviraj came to know about sanyogita’s love toward time and about the swayamvar he decided to elope with sanyogita. On wedding day sanyogita ignored every king and prince and putted the garland around the neck of statute of pritviraj. She with this act declared prithiviraj as her husband. Prithviraj who was hiding behind the statue grabbed her and make her away from the Kannauj. In Delhi he got married to her and it enraged jaichand.

When Muhammad of Ghor (Afghanistan) attacked on Punjab (a state of Prithviraj kingdom), Prithviraj asked a help from Kannuj. But jaichand didn’t come to the aid. This led to the defeat of Prithviraj’s defeated in second battle of tarain. Prithviraj Got arrested and sent to Afghanistan as prisoner. This poured foundation of “Ghulam Dynasty” of India. Muhammad Ghori made his Slave Qutubuddin eibak the ruler of Delhi and famous slave Dynasty came in to existence. This is was first and only incident when a person made his slave a king of such a big province.

Akbar and Jodha:

Akbar is the most sung Indian ruler. This medieval king is known for its diplomacy. Before his reign Mughals were known as invaders of India. They were not accepted by Indian public. Akbar with his foresight came to understand this fact very early.

Original name of Jodha was Rukmavati Sahiba. According to Abul Fajal’s Aaine- akbari the name of Abkar’s Hindu wife was Mariam uz-zamani aka Rajkumari Hira Kunwari, or Harkha Bai. She is commonly known as Jodhabai, She was Princess of Indian Rajput state Aamer.

Akbar married her to strengthen his allies with Rajput states. He married a Hindu princess to hold his power intact in India. With influences to this beautiful princess Akbar became a liberal king. He abolished Jazia (A tax on Hindu pilgrims) and his liberal reign won the heart of Indian public and Abkar was accepted as their king.

Akbar, with this marriage, became popular in Hindu public and Mughals became prominent. This marriage has a prominent place in Indian History. This period was golden time of Indian History. This Marriage strengthen the Hindu – Muslim bonds and prevent a heavy bloodshed. India has its secular roots in this marriage.

Akbar announced Jodha as her Empress and her son Jahangir was the legal heir of Akbar. This matrimonial Tie is sung debated with its every aspect in Indian history. Some of the historian records this marriage as a war treaty and an attempt of Raja Bharmal to save his kingdom. In any case this was a marriage which changed Indian history to present. Those who record it as lust of Akbar are fools and history will never forgive him. A powerful king, who was able to do anything of will, needed not to marry. He married to have a grip over India. It was this Foresight which made him king of every heart.

There are many more Marriages and ties which are worth discussing but these three are top among all. These marriages are recorded as mile stone in Indian History. Be it Indian Play writers, Movie makers or historian, No one can get off to the charm of these marriages. Time and again these are the marriages which are being referred and depicted in various ways. “Love brings peace and Marriages Bring stability” Don’t Know How this phrase came out of my Pen?

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