Marriage halls have been helping the would be couples set their perfect wedding according to their own desires and have been doing the great job in their own field. Unlike the past times, where the wedding in India took place in once own house at a very small level, weddings today is an event that is celebrated in the most lavish way possible and couples spend a hefty amount for that. The Indian weddings have taken a venue shift to some exotic outer location which could make the wedding more grand and classy. And marriage and wedding halls are now in fashion. The reason behind this venue shift is not just about the class of the wedding but these marriage halls put together the best and comfortable arrangements possible for the couple. The job done by these professionals is way more efficient than planning the wedding ourselves. They take reasonable amount for all the arrangements and decorations they do and take off the load from the head of the couples and let them enjoy their special day together.

Pune is no exception in the new traditional big fat marriage trend too and has some really awesome halls that can provide the elite class with the arrangements of their choice and standards without letting them down. We can also say that Pune has been among the top cities for the best planning arrangements of the marriage and the hotels throughout the city face competition in their quality and the price at which they offer their facilities. The competition has let the marriage arrangements of each marriage hall high to your expectations.

We have a name of one such hotel which has done a splendid work in its field:


It is truly said that the perfect wedding are not just dreamed but are planned. JV Marriot has an experience in throwing the most perfect wedding in everybody’s point of view. Planning the perfect wedding has been the hobby of the staff here and the hall has huge reputation in publicity in whole of the city. JV Marriot has been in business since years and provides the couple the most memorable event that they will cherish their whole life. The hall is spread over the area of 3000 square feet and is the most exotic venue in Pune. The decorations and food of the venue are the highlight of the events and the hospitality of the staff is applaudable. Cocktails parties are also a speciality of the hall. The highlight of the event seems to be the food because the guests enjoy that one thing with total satisfaction on their face. The food here will make your mouth water for sure and the aroma is unforgettable. This is because of the team od chef that put in all their hard work for the event. Each party at JV MARRIOT is a success and the hotel guarantees you a very splendid marriage event.

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The booking for the halls are open according to the dates.


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