They say all relationships go through hell. Real relationships get through it.

Man is a social being, which means he likes to be surrounded by friends, relatives, and loved ones. We are, however, living in an era where time is the most critical constraint. This time factor is the one that has the most bearing on our relationships as well.

We never even realise how far we are led astray, away from those who matter. In a quest. The quest to succeed, to soar the sky, to make a mark. We might have succeeded in making a mark for ourselves but is there someone around to celebrate the joy with? Didn’t we leave them far behind?

Relationships Turning Sour – Is Time Alone to Blame?

If there’s a single most significant thing you can give your near and dear ones, it is time. Are you there for them when they need you the most?

Time alone, however, is not the culprit. The solution lies within. We need to manage our time well and most importantly, figure out our priorities. Professional and personal lives go hand in hand; we need to maintain a healthy balance between them both. The middle path is always difficult to walk on and isn’t a bed of roses. It’s a great test of true grit and determination. Nurturing your relationships while also performing well in your career is a test only the most strong-willed will be able to endure. The others will either see their relationships crumble away or their professional careers slip out of their hands.

You can’t do It Alone

To tread on the middle path and balance a career with the homefront, you’ll need support. From your family, from your colleagues. We, human beings, have become increasingly self-centered and have forgotten the value of understanding. The basic human instinct of socialising holds a powerful solution. We need to talk, discuss, and sort things out. Speak with your family members, friends, and colleagues. Discuss the problems that confront you and them. Remember, sharing reduces the burden and makes it easier to find a solution.

There Will Be Fights and Clashes

No matter what you do, there will always be clashes, quarrels, and fights. That’s impossible to get around. In fact, they’re perfectly normal for a healthy relationship. The main point is to get along well after the clashes end, every time. Your ego shouldn’t dominate your relationships. Neither should you carry pre-conceived notions and thoughts about others. It’s important to respect the other person’s opinions and views. We can all be right in our own spaces and perspectives, each one of us having a different way of seeing things; it is vital to accept people and situations as they are.

Love is Unconditional

Remember, love is unconditional. There are no terms and conditions attached. Accept people around you with their own share of flaws and merits. No one is perfect, including you. Love them, no matter what.

We need to introspect and see what it is that is affecting our relationships and find a way to sail through, together. In the words of Winston Churchill, if you are going through hell, keep going.

And if I might add a word, together.

Vidhu Jain

A top-rated professional writer and an extremely passionate traveller who loves to live her life on wheels, Vidhu did her Masters in Radiation Biology. Writing had always been her passion- what started as a hobby eventually became a full-time profession. It works magic when your passion and profession are the same, so says Vidhu. She loves to explore the world of words with the might of the pen and documents some of the world's most unexplored places. Vidhu writes in a variety of niches including travel, lifestyle, photography, movies, critiques, art, heritage, culture, social issues, health, wellness, biology, cryptocurrency, the blockchain, etc. A voracious reader and a multi-award-winning scriptwriter, Vidhu has written scripts for numerous travel films and TV Shows for National Television and wants to bring a positive change to the lives of people everywhere with her writing. Vidhu is honoured to be an empanelled writer for UP Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh, India and her works have led to her organization, Sukhnidhey Films being recognized as India's only 'Outstanding' filmmakers by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. She can be contacted on her email: or visit her blog:

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