Nowadays, there are many people who say they are spiritual but do not belong to any religion. However, most of them confuse spirituality with religion or with some mysterious, supernatural phenomena.

If we look back and try to understand and perceive about spirituality, we come to know that it doesn’t contain anything supernatural or mysterious. Also, it has nothing to do with the sect.

To understand in a better way, the following are 5 differences between Religion and Spirituality.

# 1 – There Are No Rules In Spirituality:

Unlike religions, which have many rules to follow, there are no rules in spirituality. Spirituality is about following your own intuition and doing what is right for you and others.

There is no punishment or reward but it allows you to be yourself and to find your own happiness within.

# 2 – Spirituality Is Based On Love And Does Not Work With Fear:

There is a lot of fear in all religions: the fear of the consequences of your actions. Fear what happens to you in the afterlife if you do not follow the rules.

In spirituality, only love counts. It encourages you to pivot your focus and energy on love and to base your actions on love as well.

This is a crucial point, since any action that is not based on love but on fear, will do harm to yourself and others. In return, decisions and actions that you base on love are good for yourself and others.

# 3 – Religion Dictates What You Should Believe – Spirituality Lets You Discover The Truth For Yourself:

All religions claim they are right. They all have different ideas and opinions. They have deadlocked beliefs who or what God is, how the world came into existence and why we are here.

Spirituality is not about blindly trusting someone or a teaching, but about finding your own truth. Any good spiritual teacher will tell you to question everything.

This will bring you to the ultimate truth that everything is “one” and you are part of God. This is not just an intellectual thought but a lived experience that you have made for yourself. Through this, you know from your deepest core that this truth is the right one.

# 4 – Religion Divides And Separates – Spirituality Unites:

On our planet, there are many different religions identified with their own beliefs that they are firmly convinced that their faith is the only true one.

Therefore, they defend their beliefs because another and alien faith is a contradiction and triggers an inner conflict. This can lead to a painful and often unconscious, identity crisis. One’s own faith must, therefore, be defended by all possible means in order not to feel the inner pain.

Spirituality is about going deeper and discovering the truth that underlies all different religions for you. This truth is the same for all people and all beings, meaning that you are part of God that everything is “one” and that there are nobody and nothing that is separate from you.

# 5 – The Difference Between Karma And Punishment:

All religions have the element of punishment. If you do not do what is required of you, you will burn in hell, not go to heaven, or be punished elsewhere.

Spirituality is not concerned with punishment but with karma.

Thus, all religions have a deep spiritual core. Jesus, Buddha, and Prophet Muhammad were all deeply spiritual beings and made their own spiritual experiences. They were probably enlightened as well.

Spirituality reminds us that we are not separate from others, that there are no boundaries and limitations, that everything is “one” and that the only true constant is the energy of love.

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