If you planning for a birthday party or a wedding or any small event that you have you celebrate, anyways it is always better to celebrate these events outside your house in some party halls. Gone are the times when all the celebrations of the house were arranged in the house itself and the members of the family had to work day and night for the event to be perfect and all the arrangements fell on the head of the family members. Today, people are more interested in enjoying the event with their loved once and the world today has gotten so busy that there is hardly any time to arrange for the events themselves. This is where party halls come to function.

If you want to plan a perfect event for your loved ones and do not enough time to work on the specifics on your own, give the job to the party hall. These party halls can provide you with their facilities in a more efficient manner and the arrangements match the facilities in the hall and give a more decent and contracting look. But these party halls are also available on rental basis where you could make the arrangement yourself according to your needs and facilities that you need. But we would suggest you to try the available services of the hotel because these hotels are much more efficient and appealing in that way.


To the couple who wants to keep the traditions of the family alive and still want their wedding to be the most perfect events of time, here is a venue that fulfils all your wishes. Jag Mandir is situated in the middle of the Lake Pichola and is the hot favourite of the traditional families. This venue is known for the perfect wedding planning and provides first class arrangements to its incomers. This place can be booked for other wedding occasions too and has been shown in many of our Bollywood weddings as the blend of beauty and tradition. This is one of the best places to get married and have the dream fulfilled of your perfect marriage. The temple is also available on rental basis and the arrangements for the guest and the wedding could be decided and done by the party itself. There are certain restrictions to the decorations and the kind of food to be served in the temple but the other things could be easily decided by the family. The traditional blend with the modern decoration is a sure bliss and the couple would sure love to get married in a place where could get the blessings of god for their new and start life.

The marriages here is a rare occasion but the few that cross their way through it are guaranteed to have the time of their life because of the share beauty of the place. If you want to be sure about the place, have a visit to Udaipur and the place and the temple will mesmerise you and convince you enough to get married in that place.


Raja Kumar

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