Indian Marriages are not as simple as it appears to be, as stated in the book of Chetan Bhagat, Two states. Here, the bond is not to be established only between two people, but between uncles and aunts, fathers and mothers of both the families. This leads to various problems in the marriages! However it is only this fact that can be attributed to the failure of Indian marriages. One growing issue in this concern is sexual problems in marriages that are leading to adverse consequences like divorces in young couples. Sex is an integral part of the married life. It is quite essential for a happy and healthy married life. The various sexual problems among married couples in India can be discussed below.

One of the prime reasons that lead to such problems is the growing competition in the young generation and the fast life that they lead. The most important thing in everyone’s’ life today, is career and they can give up anything to accomplish their ambition. In the busy hustle and bustle of life, one tends to miss out on the normal happy life and the essentials of it. The hectic life today gives married people less time together and this causes sex problems that takes a gigantic form in the long run and becomes the reason for the death of the married life.

Another reason for sex problems in married life is the burden of other responsibilities like kids in the marriages. Couples who have children early in their married life are left with little time to themselves to fulfil their own desires. They get so busy in fulfilling their children’s desires and they forget to have a life of their own. Most importantly, they forget the importance of sex in their lives which helps in keeping the relationship intact without any breaks.

Also what happens is as time flies, various other things start becoming the priorities of the married couples’ life and they forget they need to spend more time together to enjoy the sexual relationship. This makes them feel that they have gone more distant from each other and there is not much left to the relationship, which is why they must end it. All of this leads to divorce and various other problems in a married couples’ life including huge fights and lack of companionship.

Physical disorders can also lead to the same problem of lack of physical intimacy in a married couples’ life. There are various problems that can affect the health of a person which make the person weak and unfit to indulge into sexual intercourse. There are other diseases that make a person sexually weak, where the hormones of the person do not act normally to help the person indulge into sexual desires. This is also one of the prime reasons where cases of divorce are seen in especially middle aged couples where one is ready to get intimate but the other might suffered from a certain disorder or the other.

However there can be several ways of solving such problems including the lack of intimacy in married life of a person. One of the best and practical ways of sorting out this problem is through communication. Communication is one of the best means of sorting out problems of any kind. One can always talk it out with the husband or the wife about the lack of intimacy and how things can get back to normal inspire of their busy careers. What is to be kept in mind is this kind of a conversation must not be initiated during any official hours.

During the discussion on rejuvenating the sexual life it is important that one is clear in the thoughts without any confusion. The problems should be clearly stated and effort should be made to solve the problem together without blaming one another. This kind of a problem arises because there is negligence on both sides of the parties. So care should be taken to solve the problem with appropriate solutions without any complications that can aggravate the problem.

There should be no hesitance on the part of the people while discussing such a problem. Marriages cannot be broken so easily, especially in the Indian culture. When a bond is established, what is to be taken care of is to make it instead of breaking it. So just like the vows that are taken during the marriage ceremony of standing against all odds to support one another, care should be taken to keep to the promise lifelong. This can be done by opening up to one another and discussing the problem and trying to mend the gap instead of making it bigger. This requires patience and love on both sides of the party.

Another interesting solution to such problems is to go to a counseling centre together where there are professional present to help one get rid of such a problem existing in the married life. These counseling centers are very popular these days. One can get the number of one such centre and contact the professionals who can be of great help in dealing with such problems involving the husband and the wife. The identity of the couple is kept a secret so that should not be a problem or a hesitance in approaching towards this kind of a help.

Sometimes medicines and help from family is also a great contribution in finding solutions to these problems. Talking it out with family members or elders could always save a marriage from reaching the stage of divorce and improving the sexual life. Our friends and family know us the best and so no one else can be a better help. All we need to do is look for the helping hand that will help us in getting our life healthier and happier. This makes our life wholesome and prevents any sort of misunderstanding that gives is rise to problems. Sexual problems in married life can be avoided by dealing with patience and providing the required companionship.

Raja Kumar

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