Indian society still believes in arranged marriage. Horoscope match making is essence of such marriages. Indian societies believe in astronomy. According to astronomical science a person belonging to a particular Zodiac sign shows similarity with other persons of that very zodiac sign. Astrologists and palmist of India suggest that a zodiac sign shows best compatibility with few other zodiac signs.

Aries is first among the twelve zodiac sign. According to astrologists, Persons, whose birth date falls between March 21st to April 20th of each year, are persons whose sun sign is Aries. The ruling planet of such persons is mars.


Time period for this Zodiac:      March 21st to April 20th

Symbol:                  Ram

Zodiac element:      Fire

Ruling planet:         Mars

Lucky Colort:         Scarlet, Red

Common features/ traits of Aries: Aries people shows mix signs of personality. These are adventures social and lively personalities. These are passionate and ambitious peoples. Ruling planet mars gives them ample energies that help them to take responsibilities and advantages of a new situation. As a lover they are passionate, adventures and fun loving. They do not afraid of taking risks in life and they always try to fulfill their ambitions in life.

These persons expect everyone to cope up with them and they easily get exhausted if they do not get proper support. Most of the cases they tend to be self centered. They easily jump to any conclusion. The abandon energy can take them to the wrong directions also. They are quick learner and expect everyone to show competitive spirit. They enjoy competing and they get annoyed with the person who cannot keep with them.

Compatibility with other zodiac signs:

ARIES makes best compatibility with Leo, Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Best Match: Leo

Aries makes most compatible match with Leo. Aries are strong, adventures and fierce in nature which makes them most compatible with Leos who are strong, highly energetic and passionate lovers. This best match can go worst if one betrays other. As both are fierce in nature and strong, they can go to any extent in destroying each other.

Compatibility match: 10/10

Aries with Aquarius:

Leo makes Best couple with Aries whereas Aquarius becomes best friend of Aries. They make a good couple but sometime they may get confused and can take each other wrong. They make excellent love couple but if they are of same intellect. Their energy and exploring nature makes them a compatible match but their rivalry come in between when it comes for self.

Compatibility score: 8.5/10

Aries with Gemini:

Aries makes good match with Gemini. Hardworking, straightforwardness, reluctant to settling down is the qualities of Gemini which attract an Aries. Gemini also finds Aries a compatible match and they always give fuels to spirit of Aries. They together make Good chemistry.

Compatibility score: 7/10

Aries with Sagittarius:

Union of Aries and Sagittarius makes an honest, fun loving couple. Both Aries and Sagittarius share the honesty and warmth of their personality they always show signs of love, togetherness and care. Sagittarius mostly offers protection to Aries and makes ground for their well being. The only thing that can come between their relationships is their tendency to be ahead in relation. Both are dominant in nature and that can lead to explosive situation in relation.

Compatibility score: 7/10

Worst Match: Cancer

Both cancer and Aries are dominant and self expressive and hence they are most prone to end up relation with a personality clash. Cancers are moody, emotional and tend to express their emotions while Aries do not show emotions and do not give value to them.

Compatibility match: 3/10

Aries with Libra:

Libran makes a very good combination with Aries. Librans are generally warm and passionate whereas Aries are fiery and impulsive and therefore these two make possibly the best match possible. Aries likes the passion and emotions present in Librans. Further it also depends on their cultures and the level of intellectuality. If both of them come from the same cultures and have the same intellectual level they will be likely to create a good match otherwise it can be a bad combination. This difference can be overcome if they know about it and still want to work with it.

Aries with Scorpio:

Aries are usually not compatible with the Scorpio as Scorpio is the possessive and they don’t like the attitude of the Aries be imposed on them. The Aries have high energy levels for life and do not fit in Scorpios behavior. Though if Scorpio learns to live with Aries, Aries can deal with their insecurities and relation can work.

Aries with Capricorn:

Aries and Capricorn are one of the poorest matches. The Aries are not attracted towards the Capricorn even a bit. Though if Aries have great position and big money Capricorn can try it harder to work. Further if Aries are ready to change themselves at a very great extent, it’s possible to have a good relationship between them. But there is always a but…

Aries with Pisces:

Pisces are usually mysterious and they have a wonderful quality of reading a person’s behavior thoroughly and exactly. This sometimes becomes a reason of clash as one doesn’t want other person to know him in depth. But it is always interesting to live with the understanding Pisces

Aries with Aries:

This is always an average kind of match between Aries and Aries as they both are fiery and headstrong.

Aries with Taurus:

Ram represents Aries and a Bull represents Taurus. This thus becomes a bad match as Aries always want excitement and adventure in their lives whereas Taurus always wants comfort and coziness. It becomes boring for Aries to live with Taurus.

Aries with Virgo:

The compatibility of Aries and Virgo depends on the time spend during the relationship. Initially the perfectionist attitude and detailed studies of Virgo may be annoying to Aries but at the end Virgo can introduce in to the details where you always wanted to be. If you evoke good and positive sides of Virgo it can always be a good balance.

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