Himalayan winter treks are one of the most remarkable experiences, especially if you are trekking for the first time. The ice-capped peaks’ landscape, the views of snow-flakes covering the branches and leaves of pine trees, the chilled weather, sleepless nights in tents, the blithe of warmth when sun-rays pierce through a grey cloud, hot soups and teas, the cherishing moments of splashing snow lumps on your friends and hopping around in knee-deep snow-layers are few of the experiences I reckon are worth packing your rucksack for a winter trek.

Winter Trek Essentials:

Equip yourself rightfully. The following 10 essential things for your first winter trek, will be helpful so as to be in a good shape while you return back home.

  1. Feather Jacket

    Feather jacket protects you from extreme cold at higher altitude camps. As you hike higher, the weather might not suit if you are only wearing your tees and track-pants. The jacket will keep you cozy and warm during night-sleep if you are among the ones who shiver even at slightest of the drop in temperature.

  2. Thermal-wear

    The harsh winter of early morning and dark night will leave you desiring for some more layers within. Thermal-wear provides warmth to the body thereby developing the capability to carry on the essential chores before you hike-up or descend.

  3. Sunglasses

    The reflected rays from the snow surface cause a temporary effect on the vision. The shades help in diluting the sunlight striking the eyes. Choose a UV protection glasses to comfortably view the snow-trail.

  4. Sunblock

    Higher the altitude, greater is the Ultraviolet radiation! The thin layer of atmosphere doesn’t filter or block the passing UV rays. The rays harm the exposed skin. Sunblock of 50+ SPF is recommended to keep your exposed areas like face and hands tan and burn free. If it is feasible then see to it that you apply it at each resting place of the hike.

  5. Doctor’s Tape

    Doctor’s tape or a micro-pore tape is an essential for your first winter trek. It will, especially, keep the blisters at bay while more of descending. Coil them around your toes before pulling up the socks.


  6. Wet Tissues

    The treks of Himalaya are one of the enriching experiences by being one with the wondrous nature all around the campsite. At the same time, the hygiene and sanitation go for toss a big time! Wet tissues rescue us from this situation. They could be used for wiping the body and other toiletry purposes. It enables us to remain clean and keep the bacterial attack far from reaching us.

  7. Pole Stick

    Pole stick is like a third leg during the ascent of a trek. Moreover, in winter trek, it helps in judging the thickness of the layer of snow-trail. Before taking another step you can dig you stick in the snow to discern the layer and step accordingly in order to prevent toppling down.

  8. Woolen Socks

    Even if you would be lying buried inside the warm sleeping bag, feet are vulnerable to cold. Eventually, it will affect the sleep, driving you restless. A pair of snug woolen socks will keep them warm and relaxed thereby allowing you to rest.

  9. Balaclava and Bandana

    Running nose and cough are inevitable. Preventing them is not easy in the coldest weather. Cover your head with Balaclava during night-sleep and on the summit day.
    Let Bandana drape your neck and nape throughout the winter trek. Basically, it is handy to cover the mouth and face whenever the need arises.

  10. Water-proof Gloves

    You are bound to have awesome fun with snow. Either playing with snow or a contact with it for an accidental support while you trek, snow is disadvantageous to our fingers. You will witness it after you return from the trek!

    I think this must have been enough for you to be excited. Please do not think twice and book the available winter treks, before December begins!

    Lemme know your queries to know more!

Urvi Chheda

Urvi Chheda is an Artist and Writer based in Mumbai, India. She excessively pens her thoughts, after diligent analysis and research, on the subjects of Art, History, Mythology, Travel and Culture. She is a passionate Climber and Marathoner.

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