Dubai is not only the world’s best tourist spots, but is also one of the technologically and architecturally advanced countries! It has the most modern marvels and megastructures which will keep your mouth open wide in shock!

Presenting you the largest, most unique, most unbelievable megastructures of Dubai!

1. Burj al Arab

Burj al Arab is one the most amazing and tallest hotels in Dubai with the most luxurious facilities and world-class services! Its shape and construction is simply admirable and stands on the manmade artificial island! This is surely a mega marvel hotel!

2. Burj Khalifa

The world tallest building is surely a mega marvel and it is in Dubai! Take a look at the tower to see its beautiful design with the best architecture and super intelligent construction! Its construction was completed at the cost of 4 billion USD and is the tallest man-made structure in the world! On the 158th floor, the highest mosque in the world is located!

3. Infinity tower

Cayan tower or infinity tower in Dubai is a 75-storied building which is built with the twist of 90 degrees! The exceptional and fabulous design is the main attraction of the tower. On the whole, it looks just like a dream come true!

4. Jumeirah beach hotel

This is the world’s first and only 7-star hotel. This is located in Dubai! It has the best-choreographed sculptures of water and fire with the best underwater restaurant, tennis court, sky view bar and so much more fascinating!

5. Dubai Marina

Imagine how a stunning canal city would look? It looks exactly same as the canal city, Dubai Marina. It is a district in Dubai with 120000 residents and all the basic facilities of a city!

6. Princess towers

The Princess towers are the world’s tallest residential towers! It is a mega skyscraper with 104 floors and consists of 957 parking lots! Anyone would love to live within such a masterpiece!

7. The world island

This is something out of our imagination! Imagine how a manmade island inspired by the world map look? This is also located in Dubai! It is a flock of 300 unique man-made islands where 50-100m water separates each island! Now, this is a true marvel!

8. The Dubai Mall

Why leave the malls behind while talking about the largest megastructures. Even a mall in Dubai can be a megastructure when it is the world’s largest mall! The grand Dubai mall 1200 shops for visitors and 160 restaurants with the finest dining arrangements! It also has a huge entertainment segment with a zoo!

9. Ski Dubai

Another world’s largest tag is here for the world’s largest indoor ski resort, the Ski Dubai. It is a huge 22,500 square km indoor ski which maintains the -1-degree temperature during the day and -6 during the night!

10. Dubai miracle garden

This is a stunning dessert with a garden! This miracle garden has 45 million flowers in 72000 square meter area! With different and interesting flowers, this is a mega garden of Dubai!

After watching these mega marvels, it simply gets hard to not visit this epic home for such awesome architectural masterpieces!

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