If you are eager to know the creepiest movies of Hollywood and/or the terrifying horror movies in the history – You are here at the right place.

It’s time to list the creepiest and terrifying horror movies in the history. We must say something very important. In this case, we are going through lesser-known films but just as scary, terrifying, dismal and that will cause their worst nightmares and they will not let you go back to sleep. You are warned! DO NOT watch these horror movies alone!

Most Terrifying Horror Movies to Try:

  1. 1408:

Mike Enslin travels from town to town to stay in hotels that claim to be haunted or in which they claim there are paranormal phenomena. After years of research, he has not found a single hotel that has really offered him a supernatural experience, much less true fear. This, until you receive an invitation from the Dolphin Hotel, to stay in room 1408.

It is not the stories about continued suicides or the brutal murders that have happened in the room that make this film a terrifying experience, it is definitely the despair of our main character, the stress and anguish that he suffers, the psychological torture to which he submits A movie that is very worthwhile, and we recommend that you see it as soon as you can.

  1. The Innocents:

This movie is one more that was very popular in its time, although that was in the 60’s. Alejandro Amenabar, the director of The Others (Nicole Kidman’s famous film, which is also quite scary) probably took a lot from The Innocents. Starring Deborah Kerr, this film tells the story of a governess who is responsible for caring for two children who very soon suspects they are being victims of possession.

Advance to its time definitively, and at the risk that it has not aged well enough, we highly recommend watching this film taking into account that it was created in 1961, since yes, the elements to provoke terror were not the same at that time, however When you enter the story you will surely feel overwhelmed by the events.

  1. Sinister:

This movie is a very recent and very stressful movie. A writer moves to a house where he committed atrocious murders, this to be able to investigate the case and write a book about it. Little by little, he is involved in a host of paranormal phenomena that threaten his mental and physical health, also that of his family.

Very bloody and wild in content, we challenge any other film that in the first 10 seconds of starting, show something as gloomy and dark as it does without Sinister taboos, creating a feeling of anxiety and discomfort that is not removed throughout the film.

  1. The Grudge:

Scary Movies Strangely we speak on this occasion of the Remake, it is preferable to the original Japanese version, especially for the well-used budget and special effects. And after all, it is exactly the same Director. Karen is an assistant who travels to Tokyo to assist an elderly woman, to discover that in the house that is located there is a serious curse that stalks anyone who sets foot in the said house.

The creepy thing about this movie is the sounds, the graphics and explicit of its scenes, as well as the majestic makeup of the specters. A tape that ultimately delivers tension and twilight minute by minute, to finally have a bleak and truly dark outcome, highly recommended not to sleep for nights in a row.

  1. The Descent:

Probably everyone has already seen this movie, but if they have not done it, it’s time to do it. A group of girls decides to take a few days to explore a very deep cavern. Initially, the claustrophobia is the main element. They get lost in the gigantic cave in the first moments of exploration. But afterward, it is not only the battle to find a way out, but also the serious fact that something lurks in the dark, something out of its worst nightmares.

An excellent movie, very well worn and definitely spooky and terrifying. The ending, as in almost all the films on this list, is simply overwhelming and devastating, not easy to digest.

If you are a lover of horror movies, these are for you and these horror movies. WATCH THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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