Are you getting married soon enough? Have you decided what arrangements to make, whom to call, what food to eat? Moreover have you decided your wedding trousseau which is one of the most beautiful things in a wedding?

Well, a wedding trousseau is a French word which means all the clothes, linens and accessories that a girl takes with her to her new home after marriage. It is a collection of gifts which is beautifully and lovingly packed by the bride’s parents for their daughter to take it to her new house. It not only involves the wedding dress but other things as well like clothes, bed linens, all kinds of jewelry, cosmetics, lingerie, toiletries, makeup , bags, shoes  and other accessories as well according to the needs of the bride. The wedding trousseau is special in the sense that they are the things that a girl starts her new life with. Mostly it consists of all kinds of new things. The site of the wedding trousseau excites a bride and makes her feel very special.

A wedding not only involves all the arrangements which are there to be made but also the clothes that we are going to wear. If we are invited to a wedding the first thing that strikes our mind is what we are going to wear. So similarly the bride has a lot of things to wear in her wedding and as well take with her to her new home. The bride is supposed to look the most stunning on her special day and so a lot of money, time and effort are spent on shopping for the different things included in the wedding trousseau of the bridegroom. It takes a lot of time to carefully select the list of the wedding trousseau taking into consideration all the ceremonies and occasions taking place before, during and after the wedding. In this way a trousseau becomes usually extensive and expensive and more beautiful as well.

The wedding trousseau should consist of all sorts of things a woman needs during the wedding. It must consist of quite a large number of saris of a variety of bright as well as sober colors and designs. These are selected from the latest fashion trends in the market and so look pretty fashionable. Saris are also bought based on the future use of the bride, like saris for regular wear, party wear, saris for festivals and other religious occasions. These are paired with matching and fashionable blouses with the latest cuts and matching underskirts as well. There will be designer saris and lehengas for the different ceremonies like the sangeet and mehendi.


The most important part of the wedding trousseau is the beautiful and magnificent wedding dress of the bride. It is usually maroon or red in color but now the new trend include purple, pink and blue as well. The wedding dress should be such that the bride looks the most beautiful on her wedding day and stands out in the crowd. She deserves to look stunning and ravishing on one of the most important days of her life. The wedding dress should be complimented with heavy jewelry which looks stunningly beautiful in such an auspicious occasion. The jewelry includes heavy necklaces of gold or diamond, bangles, anklets, heavy earrings, nose rings, mang-tikkas and rings. The jewelry should match the wedding dress as well as the different dresses which are to be worn on the various occasions and ceremonies. Matching heels, stilettos, flat shoes and fancy handbags, clutches, purses and other fancy hair accessories are also included in the trousseau.




Well, this is not the end of the list to the wedding trousseau. Things which might seem to be not so important form an important part of the wedding trousseau. Bed linens, toiletries like hand wash, shampoos, face washes and different kinds of scented soaps, shower gels, body lotions, moisturizers, scrubbers, toners, cotton balls and bath towels are considered an important part of the trousseau. Cosmetics like lipsticks, foundations, cold creams, eyeliners and nail polishes are also included.  Cozy lingerie which make the post marriage nights with your husband even better are an integral part of the wedding trousseau as you possibly cannot wear a loose t-shirt and pajamas on your first night with your husband.

These wedding trousseaus are packed and decorated very beautifully in different kinds of handcrafted trays. They get a more attractive and an ornamented look. Different handcrafted trays in different shapes and sizes are readily available which make it easier for the family to pack the wedding trousseaus in a very beautiful and splendid manner which is very pleasing to the eye. The trousseau helps to get things organized and makes sure that nothing important is forgotten by the bride.

Just like the bride, the groom also needs a stunning getup on his wedding day. Heavy looking and beautifully sequined sherwanis form the wedding trousseau for men. Expensive and heavy watches, gold kurta buttons, traditional outfits, cool shirts, casual t-shirts, formal shirts, trousers and suits are must haves in the men’s wardrobe during the wedding season. Boots and formal shoes are required to compliment the groom’s classic attire. To groom themselves up men also need facials, scrubbers, moisturizers, fairness creams and shaving creams. The wedding trousseau should be such so that they look the most stunning in their wedding attire and stand out in the crowd.

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