I was surfing the internet looking for some interesting piece to read when I stumbled upon a video of an elderly claiming to be a time traveller. I find it utterly rubbish when people claim to be “time traveller”. For me, it is same like people claiming to have taken a “rebirth”.

Anyway, what I have observed so far is that Indians have a sensitive heart for rebirth and ghost-related stories, while Americans can go gaga for aliens and time travellers. And maybe, that is why more of the time traveller stories are coming from the West. For my money, Indians are scared of the historical events that shook their life, while Americans are scared of the future. Prior to the independence, the life of Indians was marked with the dominance of Britains for 200 years; and for the Americans, the future is always scary as they are scared of losing their top rank position in the world.

This, nevertheless, is my opinion on the so-called concept of time travellers and rebirths which never fail to catch the eye of viewers/readers. But, when I heard the story of the elderly claiming to be a time traveller, I had a thing to dig deep and I came out with certain findings that will surely amuse you. Check out the below video of Alex Smith the “time traveller”.


Five Things You Should Know About Alex The Time Traveller

1. The elderly, Alexander Smith, in the video, claims to be a part of CIA project initiated in 1981. Although he did not disclose his age, he looks quite old. In the video, you would find Smith with wrinkled skin and wobbly voice. He holds up a photograph of the future with shaky hands. A voice that wobble and skin with wrinkles are two first signs of old age that one can easily spot. But, you will have to dig deeper to understand that Alex is not old but disguised to look old. Look closely at Alex’s hands and try to catch any wrinkle. Alex does not have any wrinkle on the skin of his hand. This is one reason why I believe Alex to have disguised as elderly.

Alex has taken care of everything from a loose-fitted suit to loosely knotted necktie to look old. Everyone living with their grandparents would know that Alex is faking his age and obviously the claim of being “time traveller”. Want to crosscheck? Hold the hands of your grandparents and see if you can spot any wrinkles.

2. The Photograph that Alex, in the video, claims to be from the future (2118) seems to be a photograph of a video game. If you have ever played 3D action games you would have an idea what I am trying to say here.

3. Smith has claimed to be involved in one of the top secret CIA experiments. If this is true, he has proved himself to be a misfit for the CIA team. Why is he here and why is he hiding from the CIA? What wrong has he done? Or is it CIA on some mission to destroy the earth? I simply don’t understand why the heck that old man is escaping from the team.

Time Traveller Story – A Paranormal Gimmick

4. What is the point in revealing the photograph? We are generally curious to know our future, but are you sure that man is from the future or is it some trick to get content viral and earn dollars? Think about it before you recommend or share that video with your friends.

5. Now, let us come to the last thing. Do you know who created and published the video? ApexTV, the biggest voice of paranormal on YouTube, aired the video. A paranormal channel would obviously promote such videos because it gets more visitors and viewers and thus the channel gets to earn a profit. Ever wondered why the news of an elderly claiming to be a time traveller has not splashed on your TV sets? Maybe, it is not true or newsworthy.


To conclude – do not share a video because the world is going crazy about it. Use your brains and introspect to understand if the claims of the video hold any value. If this time traveller thing has scared you like a chicken, simply mull over my observation and let me know if any of my points are wrong. We have a future and we know that. No one has to tell us that the future will be there. We are the one who will build it. Let our curiosity for the future take a back seat and let us enjoy the present for a bright future.

Geetika Sachdeva

I have 7+ years of experience in the field of writing. I have worked as a blogger for a devotional TV channel, Channel Divya, Sub-editor for Tri-City Calling a lifestyle magazine and business research associate with WNS. I can write on a wide variety of topics with lifestyle being my forte. My passion for writing has helped me author 12 non-fiction ebooks, contribute to international news websites and online journals.

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