The Indians are popular for their grand celebrations. More often not, you will see a lot of people, traditional and exotic dishes, folk songs and celebrations in every Indian wedding. This is a nation of many different castes and creed, of many different people. With all this, this country has a rich mix of culture and traditions, each caste maintain its own. So, weddings are also made of different rituals and cultures and they are a treat to the eye! Every generation in a family take part in the wedding. As they rightly say, an Indian wedding is the marriage of two whole families, instead of just the two people involved.

An Indian wedding commences when the families get together to fix up the alliance of matrimony and decide on a date for the wedding. Thereafter, the rituals begin in full force. Delightful, grand feasts are prepared, gifts are exchanged between the two families, and a lot of celebrations are carried on. It is rather difficult to define a ‘Perfect Indian Wedding’. It is made up of too many rituals to get to a perfect one! However, we can try to explore a few areas to have a proper wedding!

Planning an Indian wedding is quite a tough affair. If you are planning one, there are quite a few details you have to keep in mind. First of all, fixing the date for the occasion is an important job, since Indians strictly believe in certain months to hold their weddings. Some months are considered inauspicious to hold these festivals. Having a set date will help you plan out everything else in order. Moreover, you will have enough time to deal with the other programs which are a part of the wedding.

The next big piece of work in your wedding is to plan the guest list. Since a huge number of guests, including friends and relatives are involved in a wedding, it is essential to make the guest list early on and make the necessary arrangements. Thereafter, you can decide on the venue and send out your invitations. This will help you decide your budget. Weddings are an expensive affair and the budget must be kept in mind before planning the ceremony.

Next, we come to the arrangements on the day of the wedding. It is advisable that you hire an event planner or event decorator to go ahead with the wedding. However, if you have enough time on your hands, you can do this work yourself too. A decorator will take care of all the necessities like lights, colors, flowers, decorations and the programs on the all-important day. They have the proper experience in this field to manage events on the big day. It sometimes becomes difficult to manage so many things at the same time. A wedding planner, however, will have the experience, expertise and taskforce for the same job.

Next we can look into the catering part of the wedding. Since there are several ceremonies held over a period of some days, every occasion must be well organized with food for many people. There are several specialized dishes prepared for particular occasions. The caterer must be informed of this from beforehand. Traditional dishes are a common entity in Indian weddings. So catering and food arrangements are important aspects of an Indian wedding.

What make an Indian wedding look glamorous are the attires, clothing and ornaments that people adorn during the ceremonies. Shopping for weddings are commonplace occasions in the country. It does not only involve the clothing for the bride and the groom, but every member in the family looks for new attires. In some Indian weddings, event the members of the family are gifted with new clothes before the wedding. Wedding shopping is a long process and it involves every member in the family. Usually for pre-wedding ceremonies, light jewelry and clothing are chosen, whereas for the main ceremony, the more elaborate attires are selected. Bridal clothes are heavy and expensive.

The wedding is not complete without the capture of each and every moment in it! There are several rituals and ceremonies to fulfill and each one has its own significance. A wedding photographer is a must for every wedding. He needs to be present with the family at every occasion, capturing the special moments as the bride and the groom embark on a beautiful journey. These memories are cherished later on in the two families.

Also, music is an important part of Indian weddings. One must needs to make sure that the best music is played in the important ceremonies. Sometimes, in the modern Indian weddings, a DJ is hired to get everyone the best in this aspect. Also, folk songs are sometimes required for certain rituals.

As the wedding is drawing close, you need to take care of some last-minute details. Bridal make-up is important to every bride. This is an occasion cherished by every married woman throughout her life. So, the bride goes to a salon for her bridal make-up. She is also helped into her bridal costumes by her sisters and the other women in the house. The groom, on the other hand, is helped into his wedding costumes by his friends or brothers in the family.

What concludes an Indian wedding is the reception. Even though it does not have as many ceremonies as the marriage rituals, it is an equally important job to plan it. It is hosted by the groom’s family more often than not. It is the first event after the marriage is solemnized. This again has grand preparations of food, music, guests and celebrations. So fixing a venue for the reception, the guest list, catering are important aspects of it.

As we see from here, planning a wedding requires a lot of time and effort. Starting from fixing up the date to the completion of the wedding rituals, it is a hectic process. So, if you are planning the wedding, make sure you do not miss out on the small details!

Raja Kumar

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