In recent times there was an explosion of innovation in what has to do with virtual and augmented reality as well as the Internet of things or the concept of Smart Cities. The growth was so vertiginous that still many do not finish understanding what is behind all these Future Technologies.

Here, a detail about the scope of the Future Technologies and what direction they will take in the next five year.

1 – Robotics:


For a while, it has been talking about robots and that is invested in the development of different devices that do multiple tasks. There are currently around 25 million mobile robots worldwide. In the not so distant future, a more exponential insertion is projected in both domestic and industrial environments. “In the next 15 years, it is estimated that 4 out of 10 people will be replaced by robots to perform repetitive tasks such as cutting the grass or collecting products at the supermarket cashier,” explains experts.

2 – Virtual Reality, Augmented and Mixed:

This year began to live with greater intensity what has to do with augmented reality, virtual and mixed. They began to sell the virtual reality helmets in a massive way and more alternatives were developed, within the framework of the software, to be able to live these digital experiences that have multiple uses. In addition to being used in video games, virtual reality is also used educationally and to treat certain conditions such as phobias.

Therefore, it is not crazy to think that, in the coming years, there will be more immersion helmets than TV screens in homes. The interesting thing about this is that it changed the way we consume and generate content; the cinematographic language is being modified; now we have to think about the story in 360 degrees and know that in virtual reality different senses are stimulated. More is appealing for now is the visual and auditory, adding devices that incorporate sensors for touch, smell, etc.

3 – 3D Printing:

This theme, which has already been installed on the agenda, is going to progress more and more. The most interesting thing, according to the specialist, is that this implies a decentralization of industrial production. The possibility of printing almost anything is put at massive reach. In some way, the productive process is democratized. In five years it will be possible to print forks, plates and cell phones, and when they become massive, the price of equipment will be greatly reduced.

4 – Smart cities Drones and Autonomous Cars:

Smart drones and autonomous cars reconfigured the way they live and look at the city. The perspective and the form of mobility took a new perspective. To this, we must add the automation sensors that multiply. As everything that is related to the Internet of Things, the goal is to optimize processes. In a smart city, we want to have a record of how the services work the different facilities and thus be able to make better decisions, reduce costs and prevent problems.

5 – Self-employed Homes:

The same logic is behind smart homes. This is linked to home automation, i.e. the automation of different household issues such as opening and closing doors, air conditioning, and the use of electricity.” The idea is to promote savings, add sustainability and contribute to a more efficient consumption of energy.

So, here are the top Future Technologies that will change the world.

Rohit Raj

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