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Wedding day id the most important day in our lives – it is the time, when we chose to promise our lives to each other and to demonstrate it to the rest of the world. The place where the gala evening will be is very important – it is usually thematically built and responds to the bride and groom’s desires. The choice of the wedding hall is usually related with the theme of the wedding – if it is Indian, Chinese, American, Mexican etc. Of course the number of the guests and the actual size of the wedding are also very important; since there are many people who like to plan their own weddings – one list of the good wedding halls is very useful.

  • The New Hotel Imax International banquet Halls is the wedding hall of the people in Hyderabad. It is incredible place, which offer high class Indian weddings for domestic and international guests. The capacity of the wedding hall there is 450 people plus available more 100 – ideal for big and expensive weddings. The contact person is Mr. Praveen Kumar and his phone is 9573120677; if you want to have an incredible wedding just give them a call and start arranging it.
  • The Templetree Leisure is the wedding hall of Karnataka; one incredible Indian state and great wedding hall there. The wedding hall has capacity of 1000 people, which is enough for any big and expensive wedding; they offer extreme luxury for all kind of high class weddings. To contact the Templetree Leisure just make a call at 917406910393 and talk with Sebastian, the contact person.
  • Another large wedding hall in India is the Femina Hotel in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu. It is also wonderful place to get married; and its capacity of 1000 people ensures that all of your guests will be there and will have good time. The unique culture in Tamil Nadu offers interesting experience to all the international guests, brides or grooms. Large and expensive wedding parties are welcomed; in fact you might call them at 9042282754 and ask for Sundar to book your wedding party.
  • In Pune, India you will find also interesting places for your wedding ceremony and party. The Shree Kohinoor Mangal Karyalaya is one of them; it is located in Erandwane, Pune. It offers wedding halls and catering services for all kinds of different events; for more information for the amount of guests you may invite and the exact size of the wedding halls, call 91-20-25430883 and ask for Mr. Shri Sane Shankar Govind.
  • The Swapnashilp Hall is another member of the wedding halls in India. It has two wedding halls with capacity of 300 people, each and is again in Pune. A parking for your guests is ensured and the wedding halls are always covered with flowers; the hotel next to the halls offers accommodation for part of the invited guests, too. To find out more and contact with them you must call to 020-25530051 / 020-25530052/020-25530053; or by mail


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