Grandeur of Indian weddings and its relevant events

Indian weddings are grand affairs, considered to be no less than festival. The elaborate rituals and customs are meticulously carried out by the wedding families. The flamboyancies of Indian weddings are reflected in almost all the traditions, starting from the Mehendi rasam, Sangeet to the post marriage party (reception party). Close family and friends are invited to be a part of this auspicious event in the couple’s life. The enjoyment is said to be complete with proper company and hence, invitation of guests is must.  In India, guests are believed to bring in good fortune and to serve a guest means serving a God.  There is a religious proverb, “Atithi Narayana Bhava”, which means guests (atithi) are equivalent to god (Narayana). The elders and other guests present bless the couple so that they have a happy married life ahead of them.

Wedding card and its significance in Indian weddings

Wedding cards play a crucial role in Indian weddings. Even in this twenty-first century, have we ever seen any wedding invitation through e-mails? Through wedding cards, the event of wedding is officially announced to everyone. Cordial invitations through wedding cards have been a tradition since ages. Wedding invitation is of lot of significance. Wedding cards gives the very first impression about the wedding. Wedding cards are planned much before the D-day i.e. the wedding day. It requires extensive planning, starting from the selection of design and theme that suits the couple’s persona and sense of style to distributing them in time. The wedding cards contains message of invitation by mentioning the necessary details. Preparations should be made from beforehand, much prior to the wedding to avoid last minute problems from cropping up. Sometimes, may be correction of information is needed or it may be too late to inform some guests. To avoid these problems, it is suggested to decide the wedding cards at least a couple of months before the D-day. It also helps the guests to know about the event beforehand and make preparations accordingly. The card includes the obvious detail about the address of the venue and date and time of the occasion. The font size of the letters should not be too small and prints on the wedding cards should be bold and legible.

It is suggested to determine the budget set aside for invitation and then go for it. It is not that only rich people can go for such extravagance in wedding cards and invitations. Proper planning and choosing the best one within your budget matter. Colour of the wedding card is very important. It depends on many things like the wedding decorations, the theme of the wedding party and even attire of the bride and groom. While deciding the wedding card, the bride’s and the groom’s decision should be given priority. After all, it is a part of their marriage.

The wedding cards are generally delivered in person and sometimes by posts for the relatives living far off.  Most Hindus put dots of turmeric and vermillion (sindoor) on the wedding cards as it is considered auspicious. Sometimes, envelopes of the wedding cards contain sketches of lord Ganesh or goddess Lakshmi as they are believed to bring in prosperity to the couple.

 The style and pattern of wedding cards vary from community to community or religion to religion. Wedding cards are decorated in intricate designs. They should look ornamental and gorgeous complementing the occasion of marriage. Sometimes, decorative accessories like vermillion pot, betel leaves and shells are attached to the wedding cards reflecting the couple’s ethnicity and culture.

The wedding card contains the names of the bride and the groom along with their parents. It contains a short message for the guests to be present in the most cherishing day of the couple’s life and bless them. The tone of the message should be a humble and respectful one. It is important to make the guests feel honoured to have been invited for the occasion. One may also include phrase or two of a poem along with the message.  It reveals a person’s artistic flair.

Wedding cards are mostly in vibrant colours. Red and Gold are the two most preferred colours when it comes to wedding cards. These may be glittery in nature with a scintillating finish or may be in an unconventional style. Colours like White, Black and Grey are avoided as they are considered inauspicious and also look dull. Wedding cards are generally distributed with sweets or other gifts. Delivering the cards in person adds a personal touch to the affair.

Most people judge the occasion or have an impression about the wedding by just taking a glimpse of the card. Thus, it is of utmost importance to choose cards having majestic appearance.

Types of wedding cards

As mentioned earlier, wedding cards are available in different styles and designs. They can also be customized according to the requirement of the clients.

THEME BASED INVITATION CARDS: – Nowadays, many people prefer decorations based on a particular theme. The mandap decorations, wedding attire and make-over are done accordingly. Wedding cards are decided according to the theme. For instance, if the theme of the wedding is royalty, the invitation cards are generally a scrolled one similar to the king’s scrolled parchments.  

TRADITIONAL WEDDING CARDS: – These include the brightly coloured ones embellished in various intricate designs. They are the most common ones yet never out of fashion. A Bengali wedding card differs from a Rajasthani or Punjabi one. These cards are designed keeping in mind the outlook of the concerned community.

MIX AND MATCH WEDDING CARDS: – These have gained immense popularity in the recent times. They are a fusion of both the western and traditional designs. In case of inter-caste marriages, these mix and match invitation cards are widely preferred as the beautifully reflect both the cultures.


There are numerous agents that deal in wedding cards. Nowadays, online wedding agencies have made the job even easier. One can flip over a variety of cards and then choose the desired one that too from home. It is better to go for the established companies with a good name or the reputed online portals. One should thoroughly read the “About us” section. Terms and conditions should be thoroughly verified. If there are any queries, it should be cleared out. Necessary details like payment, date of delivery should be clarified. Online stores have portfolios to give a glimpse of their collection of cards of different price ranges, shapes, sizes and qualities based on which the client take their decision. So, magnificent wedding cards are no big deal, just surf the net or get hold of the best wedding organizer in your area and make your wedding a truly memorable occasion.

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