A banquet is a large meal or devour accompanied by main courses and desserts. It more often than not serves a purpose such as a charitable jamboree, a ceremony, or a carnival, and is characterized by speeches at the beginning or at the end in honor of someone.

Nowadays banquets serve several purposes such as education sessions, to corporate company dinners. Business banquets are a popular method of establishing stronger bonds among businessmen and their associates. Organizing a banquet at the close of an academic symposium is also very common.

Some banquet halls in New Jersey are:

The Clinton Inn Hotel

They give special attention to details which means that you get unrivaled services when you engage them. The catering workforce and executive chef’s work with you hand in hand to craft an atmosphere of romance and happiness that leads to the success of your event.

They provide Kosher catered functions and will willingly refer you to the best florists, artists and other services around which may blend with your event. Clinton Inn Hotel has a capacity of 210 guests in the four main rooms.


145 Dean Drive

Tenafly, NJ  07670

Tel: 201- 871-3200

Fax: 201871-3435

Catering staff (201) 871-3200 or (800) 275-4411

Amici Ristorante

Amici Ristorante serves the most excellent Italian cuisine. If you browse thought their website you will see the different types of services they offer. They have full services for on site catering for get together or parties. In the restaurant you will enjoy a superb lunch and a spectacular dinner in the ala carte dining room, or at the bar.

Their selection is very wide and ranges some of the finest wines around the globe. They also proffer gift certificates and have live shows on Fridays and Saturdays.


III Amici Ristorante

1700 W. Elizabeth Ave

Linden, NJ 07036

(908) 862-0020

15 Fox Place

15 Fox Place is an exclusive dining club whose doors opened the year 1999. They treat their clients with cuisine experience in an exceptional and intimate manner on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday sundown.

This facility is not open to the general public. Reservations are only placed in your name or in the name of the people that you have suggested.

Their menus can be viewed on Mondays and they also honor special requests, but special requests can only be honored if they if they are placed two days prior to the event. They are accustomed to a tradition offering the guests with something little to go home with such as gifts.

For those who do not take alcohol you will get treated with a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks that are included in meals. Since their menu does not offer alcohol you are free carry yours.

To get detailed information about 15 Fox Place dining experience or to make Reservations for your event of 2 to 40, you can contact phone 201-333-1476 or 201-413-1614 or fax us at 201-435-3531. Payment pacts is made at the time placing reservations.





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