If you are looking for a small hall for some intimate gatherings or for a small reception and even more some conference make sure that you choose a banquet hall for the purpose. Banquet hall is the hall which is meant for small gathering and is a closed area with all the convenience and arrangements that the party requires for their purpose. Today, most of the families prefer banquet halls for small gatherings and parties because of the efficient arrangements of the hall. We can plan out a birthday party, an engagement party or even a small reception in the banquet halls and the arrangements of the party including the decoration and the food are all taken care by the services itself and in turn charge an affordable price for the banquet hall and the services. Banquet halls can also be used for various important conferences. This way you can raise the standard of your business because the conferences in a banquet hall give a very classy impression and banquet provides all those facilities which are not available in an office. In addition to this you can take care of the comfort and convenience of the client too.

So in case you are planning a reception party or need a conference hall for a day, here is a banquet hall that will suit your gatherings:


The hotel understood the needs of the people searching for a small banquet which could be used for various small functions and conferences and has recently opened a new and renovated banquet hall at Bangalore. The Hotel Le Meridien is a renowned name in Bangalore and has gained its reputation by providing excellent services to its clients. Coronet will surely fulfil your expectations of a small yet decent and classy reception or a conference. The banquet gives the classy base you your parties and is made in the most modern technological way possible. All the necessities for the conference are also available here.

FOOD: the food here is exquisite and up to the mark and will definitely make the guests’ mouth water. For the conference, various meals of the day are also available. They provide Indian, Italian, Chinese and many other kinds of food and the variety will come with the quality which is unbeatable.

HOSPITALITY: the hospitality of the hotel and the banquet hall is the highlight of the event and the services are exceptional. They try their level best to come up to your expectations and try to follow your requirements and make arrangements in the similar manner. The services are worth the price. The hotel has hired a set of professionals that do their job in an expert way and make the perfect arrangements required for the reception or any other function. The music and decorations provided by the hotel also does an exceptional job in making the party look royal and decent.

More any further information contact: www.lemeridien.in


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