This is 21st century – the century seeing empowered women. Many of the Research centre study reports are showing that women are the leading in various field of life. They are coming out of their houses and taking the responsibilities. They are not only homemaker but they are grabbing important situations in Life, Business, politics, arts and many more… now women are more welcomed in a managerial positions as they are more accomplished to deal with pressures situations. Sonia Gandhi, Sushma swaraj, Aishwarya Roy, Arundhati Roy, Mayawati, M. Marycom, saina Nehwal, Barkha Dutt are the few names from various fields that are on top in their businesses. These women are the true representative of Modern Indian women. Their voices can bring storms, their will can melt the ice on Himalaya.

Some study shows that by the end of 2030 Indian urban women will be participating more than 40% of household earning. According to a study of 2012, 15% married women aged 32 to 48 are earning more than their husbands. Till last century women in India were taking care of houses; there were very few opportunities for them to work. Most tragically they were not considered capable of taking pressure of job situations. But with the introduction of computer, Communication and Globalization, Indian women have emerged in a most powerful way.

Marriages require a better understanding and a sense of equality. With the increasing power of women, the trend is changing. Few of the Feminist Claims that its time when Male and females roles and responsibilities are changeable. Men who are not leading earner of the house must take the matters like cooking, Childs which women were taking care from the centuries. Majority of the couples are dissatisfied with their marriage life because of the stronger status of the female partners in family.

Majority of Men find it uncomfortable if their wives are earning more than them. Mrs. Gupta, Business head of a reputed Indian company, quotes: I am the main bread earner of my family. I get annoyed sometimes about my husband’s Low earning status. Even he has lost sex interest because he has killed his sexual desires in thinking about his low earner status.

This is story of most of the high earning working women. The major problems that arise in this situation are :

Most of the husbands in this situation find themselves uneasy. Indian societies have been Male dominated for centuries and now when they are getting behind the women they feel it uncomfortable. Even Indian society sees such husbands as “incapable”. In Indian society the man is considered as bread earner and women is a house maker but the shift in the trend is creating problems in marriage lives. Working women demand a cooperation in Household matters. In some cases women wants their husband stay at home to take of care of their child.

Most of the career oriented women find it difficult to have children. India today, A renowned fortnight Magazine, published an article in its 1-15 July ’13 edition about successful women who are in marriage but don’t want to get a child. Most of women in modeling do not want to have a child as they don’t want to compromise with their career. Some women say that motherhood is not only fact of life; even if they’ll require a child they may adopt a baby in later stages of their life.

Indian society expects a women to get settled in home and having baby within few years of marriage. Those couples who do not want child and are giving value to their career are cursed in the society. In most part of India if a women do not bear child within few years of her marriage society and family consider him as a barren and puts pressure to take medical help to get a child. A famous Writer writes: “just after my marriage when I entered in my New Home My mother in law” Benedict was “Doodho nahao pooto Phalo” (wish you prosperity and baby sons). After few year I felt pressure of family to get a baby. Everyone wanted me to have a baby as if it is the most important thing in life. I had certain other priorities in life. One day my sister in law came to me and asked if I have any medical problem about bearing a child; she even suggested me a fertility clinic.” This is how a society creates problem in marriage life.

Roles in family life affect sexual conduct. From the very beginning of social structure men were considered as bread earner for the family. But now when the scenario is changing the problem in sex pattern is also coming in the way. It is difficult for a man to switch from low earner to winner in the bed. A man who is earning less than her wife finds it difficult to demonstrate dominance at bed; in same situation a women also finds it difficult get at lower end in bed. A study clearly states that a women do not get attracted towards men who are low in earning capacities.

Now a Question arises what to do in such situations?

Experts suggest woman who out-earned her husband can treat their husbands as head of the house. Women must take a serious look at the broader picture and must realize the fact of the society. This man dominated world is changing and it will take some time to give equal status, hence sharing of responsibilities can do a lot for both the married partner mans who are dealing with such situations must understand that every woman wants her Husband to be a perfect man. If you’ll take a stand against culture and society by doing all the homely work; she’ll treat you like a real man. Rough out the old thoughts that a women is creation of God to do homely work and to produce children. Do not feel embarrass about the facts; the most important is your family and life.

Raja Kumar

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