Indian wedding is one of the most extravagant weddings of the world. The most exclusive use of vibrant colors is seen in Indian wedding. The bride is given the most exotic set of bridal wear to make her looks like a fairy of some fantasy tale. Well, marriage for a bride is nothing but her lifetime dreams coming true, especially if she is actually getting to marry the man of her dreams. The bridal outfit and its color actually speak the mind, situation and emotions of a bride.

The preferable colors of modern Indian bridal attires and its significance:

  • The brides of India usually prefer colors for their saris and lehengas as red as well as the different shades of red. Red is considered the most auspicious and serene color for a new bride. Though modern bridal wears do include the vibrant colors like violet, bright pink, bright yellow, golden orange colors but the base color usually starts with red.
  • The ornaments a bride usually wears includes gold, since various religion of India considers gold as the auspicious ornament. The ornaments compliment red color outfits; other than that yellow is considered an auspicious color in the South Indian bridal attires. The yellow color gives way to prosperity and enriches the health and wealth of the bride.
  • Experimentation with colors for bridal wears was never prevented; bride goes on preferring other color. The modern fashion trend and fashion designers do add different shades of other colors in bridal wears other than yellow and red.
  • The dark as well as lighter shades of pink, burgundy as well as blue colors are serene and puerile which adds the happiness of the bride through its presentation in her dress. White color, though considered as mourning color in many religion, but south Indian brides prefer white as their base color for saris.
  • The white is the symbol of peace and purity. So, many South Indian cultural brides prefer white over any other color, especially on their wedding day. Though, the fashion trend has improvised the colors but white has always been the base of many South Indian caste and customs of many south Indian culture.

Red has always dominated the Indian bridal wears:

  • Red has always been the color for a new bride. The color red is usually chosen as the bride’s attire to signify love, passion and fertility. Fashion designers cannot cross the line by choosing offbeat colors which risk the concept of bridal wear. Red color attracts the heart and mind faster; it is considered as the rising sun in the life of a bride. Her dreams are coming true and her life is taking a turn which is symbolized by the color red.
  • Astrology and Kundli is always a big matter in terms of marriage and the compatibility of the bride and groom. In many cultures and religions of India astrology is given a great importance to match the horoscopes of the bride and the groom. The planet mars is associated with the marriage and marital fusion. Since the planet is associated with the color red so the bride is suggested to wear red bridal attire on her wedding day.

Red and the shades of darker red are the basic colors of Bengali bridal attires:

The colors of bridal dresses differ by some addition and subtraction in color combination. A Bengali bride usually sticks to the deep shades of red color; maroon and burgundy colors are also preferred by Bengali brides. The colors though have given way to violet and blue shades, but red is still the base color of the bride.

The elegant combination of red and white goes best with Gujarati brides:

On the other hand Gujarati brides take a beautiful and elegant combination of red and white colors in their bridal outfits. A white panetar is gifted by the bride’s family to the bride and the main bridal attire, fully red in color, is send by the groom’s side. The modern fashion trends include blue, green as well as golden colors along with white and red for the Gujarati bridal wears. The brides look dazzling with the vibrant combos.

Punjabis are no less in getting their bridal attires the most beautiful and gorgeous ones:

All is same regarding the colors of the Punjabi brides. Though the Sikh Punjabi brides wear salwar kameez for their wedding day, the color combo lies between orange and different shades of red. The Hindu Punjabi bridal women wear ghagra choli and the colors remain bounded within the red, orange as well as golden brown. The base color of lehengas as well as salwars usually remains bright shades of red and scarlet.

Tamil brides look gorgeous in their beautiful and colorful saris:

Tamil brides usually prefer kanjeevaram silk saris as their bridal war. The color or tone of the kanjeevaram is from red to orange. The base color of sari usually levels down to brighter shades of orange to brighter tones of golden brown color. The red color usually varies from lighter to deeper shades. The thick border is usually decorated with red color and the pallu is designed with red color.

The caste is a factor in differing the colors and quality of bridal dress in South Indians:

The south Indians, especially the Tamil Brahmin brides’ wear madisar which is a nine yard sari and the color combo lies among deep orange shades along with thick borders of red color. The orange shade differs with darker to lighter shades of orange, whereas the red border differs with darker to lighter shades.

Gold and golden shades have always bowled over the bridal attires:

Golden color has always been quite a mark in the bridal attires of all Indian cultural brides. Well, golden color symbolizes prosperity, wealth and enriching culture; the combination of red and gold color is bound to create a fabulous blend when worn by a new bride. The south Indians cultural wedding does prefer a combination of red and gold with a tone of orange between them.

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